More glitches

Well well! Well well well.
We swapped trailers but I cannot pull this trailer before it gets repaired. Talked to the shop here and they are trying to fix things. What’s wrong with it? No right rear flasher or turn signal. No left rear flasher or turn signal. Inoperative top marker light. Bad tire. We will see about getting this all fixed but regardless we only have an hour on our 14 hour clock! Man, today just isn’t a smooth day at all! Stay tuned!


Well heck! Our delivery appointment was set for 1800 tonight…but I was told to be here by 0600 instead. Well guess what? We made it by 0600, but when we arrived, the guard told me they close from midnight Friday to Sunday 0600!!! Now, this really messes up our next trip which is already waiting on our arrival. If I knew all this, I would never have gotten up at 0130 to rush down here!!! We will see what happens now. Gosh, I hate when this stuff happens!