Welcome to our usual stopping place in Perry, Utah. We got a few more miles in today so now we are looking good to slide into Denver tomorrow! Get some sleep tonight then bring along a sack lunch as we roll across Wyoming !

Twin Falls

Afternoon from Twin Falls, Idaho. Finally we get to drive 65 after having spent the last few days at 55 in California and Oregon. Last night we only took an 8 hour break…which means the time has come for us to take the other two hours rest to make our total of ten. Its been a windy and hot day for sure!

Cabbage Patch

Good morning! Let’s get ready to run up Cabbage Patch and look for cabbages! 🙂

We did some driving lastnight after we finally got loaded. The later I drove yesterday is later we can start today. I tried a rest area but it was full then I tried the truckstop in Biggs Junction but it too was full!