Well we are in a door unloading right now. I got very little sleep last night and then all through US highway 15 was ice and some snow. I just love Western New York! Tons of hills to roam up and down. It sure was cold this morning! We got down to 14!

After this delivery is completed I will be taking the rest of the year off! Many many thanks for all of you following me and riding along this year! It has been a great year and I will gather up all the statistics I can and post it when we come back to the roads.

Say goodbye to 2014 and we will see you in a few days!


Welcome to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania! We have been roaming the back roads and one wrong turn will get ya messed up quick! We are back on track and resting until our ten hours is up then we will get to delivery as soon as we can. See ya in the morning.

Flip flop!

Trip terminated in Jonestown, Pennsylvania right now. We will pickup our next trip in a few minutes and get going to the Buffalo, New York area on the last trip of 2014! Once this delivery is completed tomorrow, we will take the rest of the year off and enjoy New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side!

Still rainy

Good morning from the old Whites Truck stop in Virginia. I had an excellent buffet last night! Big salad, two pork chops, green beans, mashed taters, Mac and cheese and two hush puppies! I was starving!
Man, I have one very crummy sinus headache. Eyes hurt, teeth hurt, neck hurts, and my big old noggin lol. I will never understand why when it rains, and supposedly washes pollen out of the air, that’s when I get sinus headaches! I slept in hoping to get rid of it. It didn’t work. I did use my sinsus water I spray up my nose so hopefully that helps!
OK, let’s go play in the rain!


Good afternoon ya’ll! Well it has come time for us to stop for the day. We managed to cover 495 miles of hills and rain. I have to hand it to the motoring public that are trying to get home…pretty much most of you guys are behaving! Sure, some of them need to give more room when cutting off the trucks, but overall, I saw better behavior today. I only saw one cop on the interstates today which surprised me.

This morning while leaving Atlanta, we saw a SuperServe truck running down Interstate 285 with his right hand door swinging wide open! Not good. We also noticed in several places today people did not secure their luggage – and will be missing it once they unpack at home!

We do not know our delivery appointment time just yet but I am willing to bet it will be tomorrow night.

This Petro is new! Well, kinda new meaning we used to come here when it was the Orchard truckstop. The hallways were lined with old guns on the brick walls. Also in the parking lot up front was several motorbikes on display. All that disappeared when they were bought out by Petro a few years ago. Now, they have torn down the old building and fuel islands and are completely rebuilding everything including the parking lot! Let’s go check out the food! I’m starving!

Thanks for traveling with me today and we will see ya in the morning. Meanwhile enjoy this week’s Sunday Video as hand picked by my buddy Idaho Jon.


Good Sunday morning to ya. We already covered 120 miles this morning on the rainy highways of Georgia and South Carolina. We will take a short nap then hit the road again. Just too early and I need a bit more sleep. Safety first, so time for a break! See you shortly.

More glitches

Well well! Well well well.
We swapped trailers but I cannot pull this trailer before it gets repaired. Talked to the shop here and they are trying to fix things. What’s wrong with it? No right rear flasher or turn signal. No left rear flasher or turn signal. Inoperative top marker light. Bad tire. We will see about getting this all fixed but regardless we only have an hour on our 14 hour clock! Man, today just isn’t a smooth day at all! Stay tuned!


Well heck! Our delivery appointment was set for 1800 tonight…but I was told to be here by 0600 instead. Well guess what? We made it by 0600, but when we arrived, the guard told me they close from midnight Friday to Sunday 0600!!! Now, this really messes up our next trip which is already waiting on our arrival. If I knew all this, I would never have gotten up at 0130 to rush down here!!! We will see what happens now. Gosh, I hate when this stuff happens!


We are done for the day since we only have 15 minutes left on our clock…again! No worry, we will gain back 11 tomorrow morning. Today we covered 568 miles so not too shabby if ya ask me! Enjoy a different view of the mountains tonight. I hear traffic into Chattanooga is pretty bad so we will go early in the morning when there will be less of it in our way. We deliver tomorrow as soon as we happen to roll in.