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200 Ducks!

Hey! It’s absolutely great this vacation! But, I do miss the road crew and driving! I was just told there are 200 ducks left before they are sold out. Let’s rally together and help the Belvidere Lions Club for the second year in a row! Check out the homepage on how to buy your ducks and the six items up for bid!

12 thoughts on “200 Ducks!

  1. howdy steve when do you think you try doing the live broadcast from the bassment ? all so when do you plan on doing the reviews?

    1. They are all on my list of things to do… I’m actually enjoying myself these few days. Almost scares me that I might enjoy retirement lol

      1. 😃 Great to hear, Steve! Keep on enjoying! 👋🏻

      2. I agree on retirement. I am only working eight days per month. It is un to have five days a week off.

        1. Meant to write. It is fun to have five days a week off.

        2. Meant to write this instead. It is fun to have five days a week off.

      3. Retirement scared me! However, I find I am as busy now as I was working but in different directions. I aways have chores…


  2. Looking good, Steve. 😎 Glad to hear that you are enjoying your vacation.

  3. Just ordered 12 Ducks from Cary, North Carolina (roadcrew T here) ……cannot wait for the race. Steve looks relaxed on his vacation, after the spring you had you deserve a nice rest. I saw post , think facebook, about collecting numbers on ducks, but when i purchased did not see a place to get numbers. anyway…… i will be fun looking forward to live broadcast.

    1. they will send you an email in a day or two with your numbers. Hang tight:)

  4. wow

  5. Hope you had a great duck race. Sounds like fun and thank you for what you do for the Lions Club

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