18 mile detour

So we were just about to our shipper when we encountered a detour that banned trucks 29 tons and over literally a few blocks from where we needed to be. During our detour, we traveled through some amazing scenery and skinny roads. I know Pennsylvania has some mighty tight roads for the big trucks and plenty of short old railroad bridges! Nearing the end of the detour, we came upon some serious police activity which the way around the massive accident between a big truck and small car was to go down a painfully tight serpentine S curve that they had to stop traffic on both sides so we could use every inch of road on both sides to get through. Then we also had to dodge very low tree limbs that hung down. I can now officially say that we used a road marked “trucks over 29 feet prohibited”! We are 72 feet long! I sure wish we had been recording!!

14 thoughts on “18 mile detour

  1. you no steve you could have turn the cam back on in tell we found the shipper then turn it back off once we got with in 2 miles of the shipper some in too think about for next time

    1. There is just one problem, Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by William Penn, 337 years ago. That is well short of the 400 year old horse and buggy streets you state.

      1. I should add that a lot of the roads are narrow because of the mountains. Usually when we think of Pennsylvania, the last thing that comes to our collective mind is the mountains in the state. That is why the Pennsylvania Turnpike was such a game changer when it opened in the 1940s. Without any of the national interstates and turnpikes, it would be next to impossible for Steve to make deliveries and pickups in a orderly fashion.

      2. My bad. Off by 63 years.
        This was supposed to be a conversation between truck drivers who have driven horse and buggy streets. In my case before cell phones and GPS.

    2. LOL!! Come to one of the colonial era farming towns in the middle of the Alleghenies sometime.. My aunt used to drive those roads like a race car driver.

  2. Still quicker than when you had to detour flooded areas in NY state many many years ago. That’s when you got passed up by the guy walking his dog along the side of the road. ha ha. Safe journeys ahead.

  3. You have to remember, some of these towns in PA date back to colonial times and older then that. They don’t make the roads very big there so it really is a challenge to drive backroads especially if you’ve never been to the state.

  4. The back roads of PA are some of the worst: I sometimes feel challenged driving on them in my subcompact car! Glad you made it there with no major incidents. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  5. hi steve are you able too stop off and home why you are in town tonight and why the truck is in the shop and take care of a few things? or do you have to stay with the truck

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