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  • American Minute for July 25th
    Ulysses S. Grant was commissioned JULY 25, 1866, as General of the Army, the first ever to hold that rank and wear the four silver star insignia. Though Confederate Robert E. Lee was considered a better General, Grant had the benefit of more troops allowing him to win by attrition. Popularity from Civil War victories […]

Quick Count



This morning we will keep rolling towards our delivery and unload at 5am!

Little America 

Welcome to Little America,  Wyoming for the night. Last night we stayed in Caldwell,  Idaho at a place called Sage Truckstop. I stayed there once before many years ago. What a waste of a truckstop. Tried to get food at 10pm and when I walked into the restaurant I got yelled at and told to leave because they were closed.  No sign, no locked doors, no way for me to have known or even guessed. Then I went looking for a hotdog or something else but n8t once single piece of hot food could be found. On the way out, I poked my head in the trucker lounge. Nobody was there and the photo might be a clue as to why…

We continue on towards the Kansas City area tomorrow. 

Lost in Montana! 

Morning!  We started out broadcasting just fine and it was a beautiful morning.  Then we got into bad areas for signal and never recovered. We are currently in the door and unloading.  Because the area is so beautiful I do not want to waste it with bad or no signal.  I am going to hard record our trip back down south until we reach the interstate.  So where is the video we broadcast this morning you are asking…me too! I have no idea, it isn’t in my broadcast videos,  completed videos or processing lists. It has completely disappeared!  Did we even broadcast anything at all? Was it just a dream? It had to have been live because I saw viewers watching! This is another reason to hard record our way back south around the western edge of Flathead Lake! 

We have our next trip but will have to update the trip info later. Gotta go, we are done unloading and there are other trucks waiting for this door.

Big Sky

Afternoon ya’ll.  Welcome to Bonner, Montana just a rock’s throw from Missoula.  We have an hour left to drive b6t since we leave the interstate from here and play on the backroads there really isn’t any advantage to fighting to find parking.  We will wake up early and roll right into the delivery.  

We tried our best to broadcast a live video today andcwe were only partially successful.  Heck, I think we actually did better this time than ever before through Montana.  I did record several area that we didn’t even have dialup. Those should be uploaded by morning.  The current still image of the fuel island is about the best backdrop one could ask for!

We will head out in the morning.  We already have our next trip lined up. We just keep banging into that pesky 70 hour rule….

Magic Valley 

Morning to everyone. We have arrived at the delivery in Twin Falls,  Idaho.  As soon as we get done here we will get fuel and the trailer washed out and roll right into our next shipper and thus begin the next trip. Our next trip will take us down some new backroads for us and put us as close to the Glacier National Park as you can get! Want to see photos of my time off in Glacier National Park a few years ago? Click the link!