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Morning!  We are unloading now in Caldwell,  Idaho and once done we will go get our preloaded trailer and head for Kentucky!  Still trying to upload and sort out the Oregon vacation photos and videos. 


Morning!  We just got done with our delivery and are sitting at the truckstop for our next trip. The one we had lined up next was cancelled by the customer. 

Snoqualmie Pass

Morning! We have our next two trips lined up. The first trip takes us up, through, and over Snoqualmie Pass and through some backroads to the banks of the Snake River on the Washington and Idaho Statelines! Looks like it will be a good ride into new territory if the broadcast signal holds….

Ghost Trip!

Howdy! Well, we have terminated our trip in Sumner, Washington. After rushing to get here and facing an all night drive to Idaho, this trip is now a ghost trip! I really can’t discuss the details, but for us, the trip is cancelled. There was a big mixup in a few places, and it...

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