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  • American Minute for September 2nd
    Imperial Japan had one of the largest maritime empires in world history. In 1910, Imperial Japan annexed Korea, and in 1918 took control of Russian ports in Siberia. In 1937, Imperial Japan's Army killed over 200,000 in Nanking, China. In 1941, over 3,000 Americans died when Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. In 1942, over 20,000 Americans and Filipi

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trip and fireworks

Our next trip is now posted and we will get working on that tomorrow mid morning.

I finally have had the time to catch up on the South Elgin Riverfest Fireworks photos I took a few weeks ago. They came out pretty decent – have a look here!


Another load safely delivered! Now we have officially used up all of our time until midnight. I am working on getting our next trip…in the meantime, enjoy the parade of trucks!


Good morning on this first workday of September! We are currently in a door and unloading. I was prepared for the worst traffic since we were rolling into downtown Indianapolis, Indiana smack dab at rush hour. I was impressed we had no slowdowns and folks were behaving!

As we sit in the door, we only have 1 hour and 6 minutes left on our 70 hour clock. That means we will have time to get to the truck stop then shutdown for the rest of the day! We do gain more hours after midnight and I already put a bug in the planners ears for our next trip so we can plan….


Evening all you who are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! Decent ride today and I was surprised just about everybody behaved themselves on the highways today! Nobody really cut me off or prevented me from changing lanes, etc. Good job, I was glad to know folks can still behave!

We only gain a little more than 4 hours tomorrow and we are still 3+ hours away. It will be close and it will be really something to see about parking after delivery! I have asked for a repower. let’s see what happens…. Tomorrow will be a day we need to catch up on some hours indeed!


We are done for the day simply because we ran out of time! We will continue along tomorrow with whatever hours we can…..and see what happens from there.