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    The world of communication was revolutionized by a man who died APRIL 2, 1872. His name was Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph and the Morse Code. Samuel F.B. Morse graduated from Yale in 1810, and became one of the greatest portrait artists. He founded the National Academy of Design, and served as its […]

Road Ranger

Welcome to the Road Ranger truck stop in St Robert, Missouri! We did all I could stand for today so we are done! The allergies are choking me to death despite medicines and nasal washouts! There are some seriously dark clouds gathering up near here so I hope it rains nice and hard all night to knock these allergens down! See you in the morning!


We just dropped our trailer at the delivery but they do not have any empties…
We have our next trip but not sure if we are supposed to bobtail to the next shipper or not. As soon as I find out, we will roll on!

Update…we arrived at the drop lot about two hours before the trailer arrives here! As soon as it rolls in we will hook to it and see how close we can get to Oklahoma City!

BigRig 500!

Well we almost hit the 500 mile mark for today (we actually made it 479)! I wanted to take a full ten hour break last night but after we slept very good through the night we woke up feeling the best in a good while I figured we would run while we felt good! That means we still owe the feds two more hours. No biggie, tonight we will sit the full ten then get rolling towards our delivery. Let’s hope for another good rest and feel good day tomorrow! 

Short drive

Well I tried to sleep this afternoon but it sure is hard! We went ahead and drove down to Toledo, Ohio for a trailer washout. We are less than an hour away from our preloaded trailer – which is still not ready. I figure we will go ahead and get our ten hour break in then go get our trailer in the morning then let’s see how many daytime miles we can cover! Goodnight from Ohio!


Morning! Well this delivery just is not going as planned! We were told in my load info that the delivery appointment was 0400. We roll up to the gate but these folks tell me it is 0500. They had me turn around. Luckily there was a small truck stop down the street we could wait at. Good enough, but I needed to use the bathroom and they were cleaning it!!! We show up again at 0500, get backed into our door, and it sure was tight since the yahoo in the door next to us parked his truck and trailer crooked! Since we only got a short nap in, we will hit our 14 hour limit. We will have to go back to that truck stop and take a full ten hour rest. Our next trip is preloaded and a drop at delivery so hopefully it will run smoother.

Many thanks for the prayers and kind words. I have to drive these small trips when possible and am thankful my company is working with me. Next week we have more doctors appointments and more testing to do. Your continued prayers will keep me well enough to drive in between doctor visits. Thanks! See you after this delivery and our ten hour nap we owe the feds. Who knows, we might do an 8/2 split today. I will look at that later.