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Restart and inspection 

Afternoon gang.  We are taking a 34 hour restart because we kept hitting our 70 hour limit and doing alot of 1 and 2am driving because of it. We also have run into a situation where we are now overdue for our California BIT inspection which locks us out for being dispatched until Monday...

December is…

Good evening everyone.  We have arrived in Springfield,  Missouri but we do not deliver until Thursday late afternoon.  We are trying to gain back some hours.  Special Announcement!  We had  Road Crew member from Charleston,  West Virginia make a donation of $500.00 which pays for an entire month of broadcasting for BigRigTravels!  I would...

Out of time!

Morning.  We were supposed to drop this delivery yesterday but we keep hitting our 70 hour clock hard! At 2am we only gained back about two hours which let us complete the delivery and drop the trailer.  They had no empty trailers available  and now we have shutdown with just 15 minutes left until...


Good morning Road Crew.  In case you are wondering why we are just lounging around and not driving….  We have had to stop because we are hitting our 70 hour clock. We stopped with less than 2 hours left but since we don’t gain any hours until midnight Pacific time,  we can use the...

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