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  • American Minute for October 5th
    He entered Yale College at age 13 and graduated with honors. He became a pastor, and his sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God," started The Great Awakening Revival. His name was Jonathan Edwards, born OCTOBER 5, 1703. The Great Awakening Revival can be traced back to earlier revivals in Scotland. Scottish minister […]

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Good Sunday Morning!

We will head on over to the shipper shortly. We do not load until 2pm, but then again our trailer might be ready early but highly doubt it! After loading we will drive what we can then have a full day of driving tomorrow. Light rain and breezy here today with a bit of chill in the air. Sure feels like October!!


Good afternoon y’all! We have been cruising along this morning along interstate 76 in Pennsylvania. We will stop off for a fuel filling then roll right on into our delivery. Lots of rain today and some fog here and there. We have our next trip lined up already so we will roll throughout the weekend racking up miles on the truck!


We are taking our thirty minute break then will roll on towards Pennsylvania. It sure was good to visit and share dinner with my longtime buddies yesterday!

On US highway 23 today we saw they shutdown the northbound side due to a horrible accident. It looked like an empty car carrier slowed or stopped in the road for whatever reason and another big rig ran into it ripping the front axles off it and when we passed, they had a big crane trying to lift the big rig up off the top part of the car carrier! Off in the trees it looked like at least one car was an accordion of squashed metal… Be careful out there folks and ALWAYS expect the unexpected!!!

2nd 3rd

We are unloading at our second delivery right now then we will drag the rest of the stuff down the street to our third and final delivery!

After everything gets delivered I am going to meet up with my best friend back from my military days since he lives nearby. He promised me a home cooked New York Strip steak!

Tomorrow we get the trailer washed out here locally then get loaded and hit the highway once again! I will post that trip later tonight.


Good morning from downtown Cleveland, Ohio! We are at our first delivery this morning waiting on a door. Man, this is going to be a rough start! Where I am going is inside a very old building that can barely fit a short truck much less a long truck! Poles everywhere and skinny docks! Sure hope I can pull this one off. It is dumb to expect today’s full size trucks to get into buildings and docks built when trucks were only 1/3 this size!

We have three deliveries to day and 300+ miles to drive to the next two once we get done here… We will just have to see how things workout. OK, I just backed into our dock! On wow, not fun at all! It took several tries and numerous backup a foot then get out and evaluate then backup another foot, etc. No matter, we got it done and we were only one inch off from being perfectly aligned! Yes, I AM proud of myself… Just to give you an idea of what I had to work with…backing in from across the street, hoping traffic stops for me then avoiding all the poles! Right now my tractor nose is less than a foot in front of me dead center, and we are fully backed into the dock! View is from my drivers window!