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Lake effects 

Morning!  I have been watching the weather the last two days pretty closely.  There are and have been multiple warnings for heavy Lake effect snows around the Great Lakes regions. Chicago is expected to get upwards of 10 inches. So far our path to our delivery looks clear, but no time to let our guard down.  Watch out for a sudden snow squal, black ice, etc in these parts…..

I got this comment on my YouTube channel lastnight.  It encompasses exactly what the whole purpose of Bigrigtravels is about.

After watching most of your videos, I must say that you have put all your best efforts, money and valuable time only to keep the world know about existence of these beautiful valleys and mountains of all seasons. Much appreciated. Many thanks for sharing this wonderful and spectacular videos. May God bless you with all happiness and prosperity!! Best regards, Nassa


Morning from Mount Sterling,  Illinois where it is currently 18 with ac2 degree windchill!  We are being unloaded right now and once done here, we head on over to the Bloomington area for a washout, fuel, and our next shipper. Not much data signal out here in the boonies and open country!

Getting ready 

Howdy! Welcome back on the truck! We are getting ready to head on over to pick up a preloaded trailer and will get rolling here in a few minutes.  First a short trip then we already have our next trip lined up after this one.

I didn’t really do anything except stay warm and relax in the hotel.  It was too cold to do much!

Snow coming!

Good morning.  Looking like snow is arriving!  I think I will enjoy my homemade Pilot coffee,  watch TV, and do free laundry from the warmth of my hotel room….

A few photos of the first snowfall in the area this winter…..

Midnight Madness 

Afternoon to everyone.  We have arrived at the truckstop just down the street from our delivery.  We will go get food then maybe nap since we deliver just after midnight tonight.  After delivery we will be taking a few days off…..