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We arrived 13 hours early hoping they would take us early. They won’t. Bummer. Thankfully there is onsite parking so we can get a break in before we deliver. I have plenty of food onboard so we won’t starve. This will set us up for a busy day tomorrow on our next trip. Not much else to do but sit and wait and take a nap!


Good Sunday Morning! We are about to roll here but I wanted to get the Sunday Video up before I left this time. We have some mountains to finish up on then we roll towards delivery – which doesn’t take place until very early tomorrow morning. I am going to try and deliver it early if I can.

This week’s Sunday Video:


Welcome to Beckley, West Virginia! We actually got unloaded very fast and early this morning which enabled us to swap our empty trailer for a loaded one in Columbus, Ohio. We took off running and we are sitting very good for this trip since we already have 200 miles of it done already!! We only have one hour and ten minutes left on our 70…so time for food and a nap. Oh, BTW, we already have our next trip lined up and by my calculations, it will use up all of our weekly hours to get it done! Pile up the miles while we can!!! How does that saying go? Make hay while the sun still shines? Or maybe something like that lol.

See everyone in the morning. No alarm clocks allowed! We have a very easy day tomorrow for a change!


Good Saturday morning to the road crew! We got to sleep in late this morning and didn’t get rolling until 6am today. We have arrived at our delivery two hours early so we might be here awhile yet. Nice ride through Ohio’s back roads this morning. Our next trip is now lined up and we will get to take it a bit easier. Woohoo!  I will post the next trip here shortly.


Welcome to Ohio! We stopped here because we only had 9 minutes left on our 70 hour week! We sure have been hauling around lately!

Earlier today we noticed a vehicle on the bridge up ahead of us…and we were expecting a State trooper to be pointing his radar gun at us checking our speed. Nope! That person was taking photos of us and then they waved! A few miles down the road we had to pull in for fuel and our 30 minute break. Guess who walks up to us in the fuel island? That guy who took photos of us up on the bridge! It was none other than longtime Road Crew Lee Clark from Minnesota! Since we had to stop for our break, I made him buy our coffee while we sat in the restaurant and chatted. It was good to meet you finally Lee and many thanks for the free coffee and talk!

We will leave early once again in the morning to make our delivery ontime. Hopefully we will get a nice even paced trip out of Ohio…..:)  Today we covered another 609 miles. See everyone in the morning for another BigRigTravels adventure!