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The lab work got done this morning and tomorrow I get a free day. Then on Wednesday I have two doctors appointments then another one on may 4th. Yes we will do short trips in between Thursday and the May appointment. Not doing too bad, the constant bathroom visits has slowed down but the energy levels seems to be an issue. Wednesday I get to find out if both the Rex and white cell counts are low…and what we can do about that…

Slight change

Well instead of dropping in Rochelle today and waiting the weekend burning up time off, we will make the final delivery. After that is done then we can go to Elgin for the doctors….

Wonderful allergies right now!!!


Good early Saturday morning! We already made our delivery this morning but they had no empties. We are at the truck stop facing the fuel islands while we wait for a trip to take us closer to Rochelle…

So, how is a doctor supposed to troubleshoot me if I start to feel better every time we get near them?

Very close!

Well dangme! We had to stop short of our delivery by a few miles. We pulled into this truck stop with just four minutes left on our 11 hour drive clock. Even though we did all we could do, the mountains really slowed us down! There was a big rig rolled over this morning in Charleston, WV during rush hour which left only one lane open. Add a few work zones that slowed us down and well, we came up short. So why didn’t I just drive on and make the delivery since we are so close? Simple, it would mean a violation and continuing to drive is a big no no. After we made the delivery, we would again get a violation, this time for driving past 11 again then another one for driving past 14 hour limit! That’s three violations!! Not gonna happen. Let the chips fall where they will…. See ya in the morning!

Busy day!

We have been running nonstop today with our morning delivery and trailer washout then we picked up our current load. Decent day today but tomorrow will be a long one since we deliver as soon as we can get there! See ya in the morning!