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Good day one of May! Our original delivery was set for lastnight but we came up short on hours. Even though the first day we drove 565 miles and yesterday did 554, we just couldn’t get it done with our available hours. The delivery has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. 

Ya know, when I drive I think of all sorts of things to tell and mention to you. Yesterday we came upon a section of road just north of Marshall,  Texas where lots of trees were mangled and scattered about. Also saw a complete wall to a big shed or house. Then saw the electric repair men stringing new wires because a big truck was blown off the road and into a big power pole sideways! Guess the night before a tornado swept through that area.

I’ve been thinking hard about the upcoming Million Mile events for BigRigTravels!  it’s creeping up on us:-)


We just got hooked to our loaded trailer and are taking our 30 minute break. Tons of rain nonstop all this morning!  We woke up to a damp chilly 36 degrees!  We will run what we can as we head on down towards Houston,  Texas!

Final delivery

Afternoon to ya. Well the first two deliveries went pretty well but our final delivery had some goofy people.  They let us in a door an hour early, and had us fully unloaded in less than an hour. So, the lumper comes out and asks us to move from the door so another truck can get in and our bills will be out in a minute. Then he turned around and said stay where we are and he would be right back.  I waited 30 minutes and finally go inside to find out what is going on. I talk to the guy and he said one second, he’s going to get the bills right now. I waited another 15 minutes then gave up and went back to the truck.  Thirty minutes after that, the guy comes to the truck and asked us to sign the bills – except they weren’t our bills!  So, there he goes back in again and we still have no signed bills. I waited yet another 30 minutes and went back in to throw a fit because now it’s been more than an hour just waiting on bills. Guess what? Everybody was at lunch. I wait more. Give up again and go back to the truck. Finally,  after two hours of simply trying to get my bills back, we got them. We started our 14 hour clock at 130am this morning with lastnights deliveries and we were running out of time. We managed to make it to Rogers, Minnesota to park. We rolled around the parking lot but not a single free spot open. We went around the block again and gave upland decided to go ahead and pay for a parking place since we had no time left to get anywhere else. So, we are done for today. We will start again tomorrow morning after a nice rest, go pickup our preloaded trailer and head for Texas!!!

St Cloud

Morning!  Well the overnight deliveries went pretty well I think. They had a place for trucks to park and that allowed us to arrive early and wait. An hour before our appointment,  they let us in the gate. I checked in to the receiving office and they told me the appointment was not until tomorrow night!! They parked us off to the side and promised me they would work me in as soon as they could, but don’t expect it to be any earlier than 5am. Well guess what? A 10pm delivery didn’t show up on time and we were given their door! We were unloaded fairly quickly and then got out of the city by 2am and found a spot to park for a few hours. We are now sitting in a door waiting to deliver our final delivery.  Whew, long night but it all worked out nicely.  Shortly we will drive towards our next shipper but we won’t have time to get very far since we been working through the night burning our hours…


Afternoon to ya from Hopkins,  Minnesota.  We have not one, but two deliveries here in this complex both occurring late tonight.  Our final delivery happens tomorrow afternoon.  Not a bad day, but kinda gloomy looking out here…