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  • American Minute for November 28th
    Following the hated Stamp Act of 1765, the British committed the Boston Massacre in 1770, firing into a crowd, killing five. In 1773, James Warren proposed that Samuel Adams form Committees of Correspondence to inform the rest of the nation of injustices being committed in Boston:a "...the rights of the colonists, and of this province […]

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Delivery is completed. Because I only have seven minutes left on my clock, I cannot head towards San Antonio until tomorrow. I have a buddy here and in the morning we will go see the Battleship Texas and Galveston. After that I will start making my way to mommas house!!


Morning! There has been so much rain yesterday and all night! Yesterday was a slow go and we are now way behind! Tons of rain around! I see the ice is still all over Kansas! Glad we got out of that mess early!

We will drive straight to our delivery as soon as we can get there safely.


Good morning. I knew that a serious ice storm was headed towards Dodge City, Kansas but it was to arrive about lunchtime. When I woke up the rain started and just in the time I was getting ready, temperatures dropped two degrees down to 34! I pulled up the radar and saw the massive ice storm literally a few miles away. I figured I’d better roll out of town and save playing on the blog for later. Here is that radar with ice being shown as pink! Look closely, you can find Dodge City in the top center. After the ice will be bitter cold temps and snow. This is not something I wanted to sit in! Right now we are 70 miles south and we went up a few degrees. Still no time to play around, but did want to get this blog post up.

Lots of rural driving the morning while we outrun this storm. Is that turkey cooking that I smell??? Gotta run for now….


UPDATE!! aw crud, we have a flat tire on our trailer! Talking with on road rescue now…
The onroad repair folks should be here in an hour…boy, we were short on time and now this doesn’t help any! Hope the ice storm doesn’t catch up to us! I am sure the person that has to leave his turkey dinner to help us is maaaaaad! Lol


Morning! We are on our way to Dodge City to pick up our load that takes us to Texas! Glad we got out of Denver because they are calling for a storm to roll in tonight that will make the high temperatures 21 and at least five inches of snow over the next two days. Hhmmm black Friday, crazy rushed drivers and snow will not make a good combination! After our delivery in Houston, we will see about taking a few days off…


Good afternoon from Rawlins, Wyoming! It’s a little breezy around here today but then it is Wyoming! We are on our way to Westminster, Colorado for our delivery this afternoon. So far, we have not been given our next trip after this…