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  • American Minute for August 5th
    The first book printed in America was the Bay Psalm Book by John Eliot, who was baptized in England as an infant on AUGUST 5, 1604. Called "Apostle to the Indians," he sailed to America and preached his first sermon in the Algonquian language in 1646. He translated the Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer and the […]

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Pack, pack, pack! Then off to the doctor to talk with him, then jump in the car and head on up to Michigan for a few days!

Lastnight the storms in the area just lit up the skies and clouds constantly! I made a few photos of the trucks with the sheet lightning behind them…..




Time off!

WooHoo! Time for time off! This seems like forever in getting here. We had an easy day and delivery this morning and made our way up to the Elgin area for a few days off. I was thinking of doing the Circle Lake Michigan, but it seems too much to do in just a few short days. I decided I will do one thing – and that is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It extends for 42 miles along the shore and covers 73,236 acres. I figure I can do a kayak tour, take a three hour cruise, and possibly a glass bottom boat tour of old shipwrecks in the area!

I will see ya in a few days. I should be back on the highways on Friday 8/7 at 0600 for our next adventure!


Welcome to Rice Lake, Wisconsin where it is perfectly cool with a nice breeze! We arrived early to our preloaded trailer – so that means it is not preloaded yet! HA! We already checked in though and we are next in line to be loaded….. I cant believe this fantastic weather the last two days! Very low humidity and here it is August 1st!

While we wait, I am stuffing my face with an Angus bacon hamburger and macaroni salad from the corner Kwik Trip. I learned long ago that when picking up a load early, always make sure you have lunch handy! As soon as we get loaded we will roll on down towards delivery. Depending on how our time plays out, we might make delivery later tonight or first thing in the morning…..then time off for a few days! Where should I go for a little “mini-vacation”? Repeat An Illinois State Park? Or, I was also thinking do a quick circle around Lake Michigan? Decisions, decisions!


Well guess I better redraw the map! Slight detour due to us getting dangerously close to our 14 hour clock, we had to get parked asap! We made it with 32 minutes to spare! We will roll to our next shipper tomorrow about lunchtime or a little earlier


Welcome to Minnesota! It has been awhile since we rolled through here and I do not recall ever unloading from this area before…
It is a beautiful sunny day here with enough breeze around that it feels good! Lots of lakes and ponds in Minnesota! This morning as we rolled north of Madison, Wisconsin I saw a vibrant, deeply colored double rainbow looking westward.

We have our next trip lined up and it will get me to my rescheduled doctor appointment and time off on time! Woohoo!