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  • American Minute for October 22nd
    At age 16, after his father died, Sam Houston ran off to live with the Cherokee Indians on the Tennessee River. He was adopted by Chief Oolooteka and given the name "Raven." Three years later, Houston returned to Knox County, Tennessee, and opened a one-room schoolhouse, the first school built in the State. He joined […]


Good morning. We made our delivery last night pretty quickly but it sure was tight parking. When we got done we found an unused warehouse to park in and nap! Now we went a few miles down the street to get loaded and get ready to head to Fort Worth!

Iowa 80

We are calling it quits today at Iowa 80. We deliver tomorrow night so no point in racing there just to sit! See ya inn the morning sometime!


Time for our break. I will do my request thing tomorrow lol. I went to bed early and never messed with getting it setup. Not too much further today. Where we sit right now is only 500 miles from delivery…and we can’t arrive early!


Welcome to Aurora, Nebraska where we will get fuel in the morning. We have never stayed here before so tonight we get to test it out! We covered 441 miles today, so I am happy with that:) Coming up tomorrow morning…..a special request from your Driver to YOU! See ya then! BTW, no alarm clock tomorrow, but I am usually up when the sun comes up!


Sunday Break

Good afternoon! We are taking our 30 minute break to stuff our face with food:) We washed out the trailer with no problems and picked up our load in Greeley, Colorado then took a 100 mile scenic tour of some two lane roads in the backroads of Colorado:)

Here is this week’s Sunday Video as selected by my buddy Jon in Idaho!

Did snowman/GPS work at all after we left the shipper? I went through the backroads and nobody saw anything? GGRRR!