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We did another nice long day and ended it with heavy traffic as we moved through the southside of Dallas! A few near misses, but we didn’t run over anybody today! I attempted to make our delivery just now but they wont let us drop any earlier than 6 hours prior to appointment! Now we are going to sleep on the roadside in these warehouses until morning…. I just walked a half mile to dinner – Whataburger!!! Dang good food! We already have our next load lined up and it picks up tomorrow night.



Evening to ya Road Crew! WOW, just wow. I still get amazed at the number of crazy, idgets driving nowadays! It seems like Nashville and Memphis are consistently the biggest problems I encounter! Not a soul knows how to merge, and they all need to cut me off then just go slower than me! I am really surprised I did not run over anybody today! Even something as simple as merging into the left lane nobody can do it without making ALL traffic STOP! Then more idgets cut them off to make us go “backwards”! Oh, the last 100 miles today really was difficult lol. I have reached Petro for the night….and I am GLAD! Time for food now!


Good morning. We made our delivery last night pretty quickly but it sure was tight parking. When we got done we found an unused warehouse to park in and nap! Now we went a few miles down the street to get loaded and get ready to head to Fort Worth!

Iowa 80

We are calling it quits today at Iowa 80. We deliver tomorrow night so no point in racing there just to sit! See ya inn the morning sometime!


Time for our break. I will do my request thing tomorrow lol. I went to bed early and never messed with getting it setup. Not too much further today. Where we sit right now is only 500 miles from delivery…and we can’t arrive early!