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  • American Minute for February 14th
    In the 3rd century, the Roman Empire was being invaded by Goths. At the same time, the Plague of Cyprian, probably smallpox, broke out killing at its height 5,000 people a day. So many died that the Roman army was depleted of soldiers. Needing more soldiers to fight the invading Goths, and believing that men […]

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Lunch in Memphis

Morning.  It’s lunchtime in Memphis,  Texas. I have my usual double steak fajitas burritos from love’s subs…

Beautiful day out here as we scoot across the backroads of Texas looking for Amarillo then mash the gas towards Las Vegas!


Morning all.  We are sitting at shipper waiting for our trailer to be completed.  Our 2000 mile trip has a detour in it so we can get to the Chicago area next week…

Update….. 342pm…

We got to sneak away in the bobtail while the trailer was being loaded and we went down the street to a whataburger. Nice! We then we’re getting awful short on time since we started our clock at 145am. The plan was to stop for the night in Fort Worth. QuickTrip was full. Love’s was full. BTW, did you see the only spot left at the love’s and when I did a uturn to get the correct angle to park, a four Wheeler pulled right in! I got out and asked whose did that and she told me she was saving it for her husband. … Oh well.

Our trip has been modified and I will post the changes here in a few minutes.


Welcome to Rockwall ,  Texas just outside of Dallas.  This is about the closest truckstop to where we deliver super early tomorrow morning.  Get some rest while you can and be ready to run through downtown before rush hour even wakes up for coffee!

Beautiful weather here today. I think this is probably the warmest I’ve been in for several months! No snow or ice in sight… We accepted our next trip and it is longer than 2,000 miles! Any guesses as to where? I’ll tell ya tomorrow morning!! 

Texas again

Morning all.  It is a sunny but chilly day out here in Tennessee! We are in a door being loaded right now.  As of right now,  this will be a nice even paced trip with plenty of time but not too much extra:-)


Morning!  We left the truckstop this morning about 2am answer made it to the delivery right on time and are currently being unloaded.  We ran into a little bit of snow here and there but the roads were good if you were careful.  We passed a pretty bad big rig accident this morning involving four big trucks with two I saw on the shoulder with big gashes in the side of the trailer,  and one that had flipped on its side then skidded on the road and stopping in the median longways literally only a foot or so from the opposite direction lanes!

At this point we have no next trip,  but with us having real short hours, we probably won’t roll until tomorrow.  We may or may not get a direction to roll today…..check back later and see if the trip info has been updated.