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    MARCH 4th was Presidential Inauguration day from 1793 till 1933, when it was changed by the 20th Amendment to January 20th. Many Presidents gave warnings in their Inaugural Addresses. JAMES MONROE, MARCH 4, 1817, INAUGURAL ADDRESS: "It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are […]


Well we have another dentist appointment tomorrow. Say goodbye to two front bottom teeth that have bone loss with no way to save them. I have always had too many teeth there so they have been pushing the whole row upwards. I knew it would eventually happen. After the holes heal my teeth will be stable and they can put a fake one in. For the first time in years I will be able to eat food like a normal fella… The two teeth in question are so loose the dentist said he didn’t want to wait at all that they would probably stick in a peanut butter sandwich! Great. Now I will look like most other truckers with no teeth!! No driving tomorrow, I already canceled our planned trip. No big loss though since it was going to Ohio!

Man,I am bummed out to say the least!! There is good news though because he saw good improvement over my last visit more than a year ago and things look good otherwise


Morning. Man, it took me 2.5 hours to drive 55 miles. When we started out it was snowing then it turned to ice pellets then total ice. The roads were painfully slick and each mile was looking worse. Yes, we were late but I’d rather be late than slide into the ditch! The rain is still falling and still freezing so I am glad we are being unloaded and not driving. Hopefully the temps rise very soon! If we were driving now, there would be no way I’d go! The truck is totally covered in thick ice! Nope, not thin ice, but a good solid sheet of ice!

After we get done here I am going to the dentist. I have some emergency repairs to myself that need attention!


Well we have stopped at Iowa 80. We deliver tomorrow morning early then I have to get to the dentist for my emergency appointment. I have been living off Ibuprofen and Orajel today. I talked to the dentist at this truckstop and he starts at $500 just to look at you! My face looks like a chipmunk that is hiding 52 acorns! Ok, not quite that bad, but we need to get this taken care of ASAP.

Try again?

Well I have not been feeling well at all today. I am shutting down early and we will continue on tomorrow. I will catch up with Sunday video also. Goodnight

The Armadillo

Welcome to Amarillo, Texas. Wait, what? Did we take a wrong turn? We were supposed to take US highway 54 through the back roads but looking at the traffic and conditions, the two lane roads were a total mess. Being well below freezing, back roads, night, I decided it would be easier to stay on Interstate 40. At least looking at the traffic and road conditions, they are in much better shape! True, it makes the trip 110 miles longer but better to stay on the big roads that get plowed!! Anybody remember the last time we did back road driving on unplowed roads? Check out this video a full 24 hours after a winter storm came through Friona and Amarillo. We sat on the bridge in Amarillo for two hours without moving!