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    He was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London eight months for being a Quaker. Later King Charles II gave him land in America as repayment of a debt owed to his father. On this land he started a colony and invited persecuted Christians of Europe to join his "Holy Experiment" of religious toleration. Soon Quakers, Mennonites, Pietists, Amish

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Welcome to Salina, Kansas home to astronaut Steve Hawley!

We drive out our 14 hours with only 9 minutes left. We covered two deliveries this morning, drive back and forth to Dodge City, and now we are here for the night. We have another long day tomorrow since lately we only get trips that require every spare minute to deliver ontime! Actually, this load was ready 10 hours early! I was repared to spend the afternoon sleeping then we would have had to drive through the night….but we lucked out! :)


Good Morning! We are at our second delivery for today. I just now posted our next trip which starts as soon as we get done here. Busy! :)

Nice weather lately…except for the sinuses. Whoa, whatever is in the air is absolutely putting me through the ringer horribly!


Welcome to Kansas! We are only about 45 minutes from our first delivery which takes place tomorrow morning. I figure we might as well stop here for today and head on out tomorrow morning and make both deliveries:)

One day

Good morning, we just got our next trip to stay busy with for a day!


We arrived early to unload so they went ahead and put us in a door. If they actually get started on us early or not is a different story. Either way, we are stuck here until morning when we gain more hours to run…and we find out where we head to next!