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Ok, we are done for the day in Kuttawa, Kentucky! I tell you what, I think I found every idget in the country today and they kept following me around! The highways are definitely getting more dangerous! Traffic stopped for construction or accidents and people cut each other off within inches, just to end up sitting there because traffic didn’t start moving when they jumped lanes! Oh, and the folks that speed along the shoulder because they are too good to wait in line. Ok, if I keep going I am gonna get aggravated LOL I will just say I am glad to be done for today. My Idget meter is stuck on full for today!

We will roll all the way to our delivery tomorrow. A nice very long day – without incident I am hoping! Another day or two and the Cascadia will reach over 100,000 miles!


Good morning! We have been too busy this morning but I did manage to post the next trip. We woke up, fought traffic, made our delivery, got trailer washed out and now we are loading at the next shipper! So far so good and ahead of schedule b a few minutes!

Break time

Just a quick break before we head through Nashville, Tennessee!
Not a bad day today, but I did sleep longer than I wanted to!


Well, it has been one frustrating day today. I feel like I should have just taken another day off! :)

The trip posted to Georgia is our trip now and we already picked it up, loaded, and made it to Effingham, Illinois for the night. Tomorrow will be a long and full day through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. Hopefully we get our next trip without all the problems we had today!

Goodnight – :)


Good morning! The trip above is a dummy trip…I will update as soon as we get to Morris. We won’t find out where we deliver until we pickup the load! While we are waiting in Morris I can make a good morning post. First, let’s find coffee then start making our way down to Morris…..

We arrived Morris but still in dummy load status…as soon as I find out what we really are doing I will let y’all know.

I had a great time at the steam show the other day! It was better than I thought it would be! I missed the Air and Water Show in Chicago on Saturday and it was canceled yesterday. I did enjoy a very nice fireworks show in South Elgin at the Riverfest celebration. I will put those photos up probably tomorrow.