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  • American Minute for July 8th
    The Liberty Bell got its name from being rung JULY 8, 1776, to call the citizens of Philadelphia together to hear the Declaration of Independence read out loud for the first time. The Liberty Bell, weighing over 2,000 pounds, was cast in England in August of 1752. The Pennsylvania Assembly ordered it to commemorate the […]

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Morning! Well after I ate dinner, I laid down for a quick nap when we stopped. It was supposed to be a short nap…with the windows open, I crawled into bed. I woke up freezing!! The temps dropped into the mid 50’s! Then I noticed it was 230am! Guess I needed that nap?

We have our next trip lined up and as soon as we get unloaded we will head north to get a washout then head on over to the shipper. Nice decent 1,000+ mile trip coming up next!


Afternoon to ya! We have decided to go ahead and call it a day. We have plenty of time tomorrow to make our delivery. We ran into some rain here and there but nothing bad. A quick check around the windows and I found no leaks:) We covered 435 miles today so not too horrible for a fella working his way back into the swing of things. The planners are already looking for our next trip……

Easy Day

Evening to ya. We arrived for our appointment 30 minutes and they put us in a door right away and started loading us! We are at the truck stop where we will fuel in the morning. Pack a lunch, tomorrow will be a full day of driving!


Good Morning to ya! I spent yesterday doing alot of cleaning around here. I don’t think the other driver ever cleaned anything. It wasn’t bad as in food in corners, etc, but more general, everyday dirt and grime that he never wiped down anything. The windows had to be cleaned several times from the caked on grime!

We load up later today after 6pm. Here is a photo of our truck. I will take the interior ones after things get nice and clean:)


July 4

Good afternoon! Our second trip is done. We just got done washing the trailer out for our next customer and washing the truck as well. We be all nice and shines now! :) GPS is back t working and the LIVE feed should be back for our next trip.  We are taking tomorrow off, the holiday, and have a dinnertime loading appointment on Sunday. A nice and easy trip coming up for us. I have in my hand, not coffee, but a Big Red soda! It has been quite awhile since we were able to have one! Our dinner tonight is meatloaf, green beans, mashed taters with gravy and biscuit. UM UM!!

Everyone have a great fourth of July and please remember to not be in a big hurry out on the roads.