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  • American Minute for May 25th
    Southern women scattered spring flowers on graves of both northern Union and southern Confederate soldiers of the Civil War in which over a half-million died. Many places claimed to have held the original Memorial Day, such as: Warrenton, Virginia; Columbus, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Boalsburg, Pennsylvania; Waterloo, New York. One such place was Charleston, […]

The $800 Broadcast

One of my most memorable adventures with Idaho Jon was when we spent four days running around the International Selkirk Loop in Canada. That loop contained some of the most beautiful and different experiences that I have yet to see. Check out all the photos I took. One of the cool things I did was the LIVE Broadcast from the Kokanee Chalets. Beyond the nice cabins and camping, there was a nice trail down to Crawford Bay. The first night Idaho Jon and I built a campfire and I had a crazy thought. What if we did a LIVE broadcast from the woods? I hung the camera up in the tree and figured we could go as long as the laptop battery would last. (At first, the entire website and cameras ran off the laptop). The battery and broadcast lasted about 25 minutes. Anybody remember that? When I got my data bill the next month, I learned the Verizon in Canada was NOT the same as the Verizon in the US! HA! Silly truck driver!

You can check out the many many other cool places I visited with Idaho Jon. While I can view the great places and views from the Interstates and backroads, it is because of the many Road Crew members that took the time to show me and to explore and photograph their towns and areas.

Click the photo to view the complete gallery

Click the photo to view the complete gallery

Memorial Day Weekend

Good Saturday and I hope to take some time this weekend to remember those who served, continue to serve our country. Over the years I have shared my thoughts about that so you already know how I feel:)


Since I have so much time in between tests and doctors yet not enough energy to really leave the hotel, I have been doing alot of reflection about BigRigTravels.com. I have about 700 YouTube Videos that have been uploaded but I never had time to publish them. I am working on that. Some date back several years.

I have been blessed by meeting countless viewers in person and over dinner or coffee, they told me what my website, videos, blog, and cameras meant to them. Some of the stories I learned about took my heart. I really thought no one would care to watch me drive. That would have to be boring! Wow, was I wrong! One of the very first emails I got on the website happened just a month or two from going live. I was sitting in the Petro truckstop in Laramie, Wyoming when I got an email from none other than my buddy Idaho Jon! He wrote that he had been watching and since my trip showed me headed to his area, he wanted to meet for coffee. I thought that was very strange. Who or why would anybody want to meet ME? We swapped emails as I got closer and met for coffee. That first meeting of my very first Road Crew member turned out to be the biggest blessing from God for the both of us. I will tell you more about him and other Road Crew next time.


Tuesday Update

Afternoon! The upper and lower gastro tests were done with no problems. I didn’t see or know anything while they were doing it. I did see them wheel me into a room with HUGE tv monitors, and about 10 smaller ones. I guess everybody had to watch! They found nothing major but did say the entire throat to the other end was irritated and had white spots. They took samples and I will find out what that is the end of this week. I did get some medicine that cuts my stomach acid in half because one of the problems I always seem to have was when I did eat something, it seemed like it was ready for the bathroom way too soon. Come to find out, if I am making too much acid, the stomach will push it out even before it gets all the nutrients from it! The other issue we are looking at (I gotta do more lab tests tomorrow) is one day I feel decent, but other days, like today, I have zero energy and feel like passing out. You can’t drive a truck that way. The doctor checked my pressure and it is extremely low (82/58). The difference between simply laying down and standing up was 22 points! Also, standing up made my heart race. Now all that would would take the energy and make me feel dizzy. So, while we are trying to figure all this out, we keep doing what we can. Next doctor appointment is next Tuesday! Keep the prayers coming, and we will get me all sorted out.



Good Saturday morning Road Crew!

I hope you are finding other stuff to do since we are not driving! Haha. The hardest part about this is previously when I took several weeks off it was to go hiking at Glacier National Park in Montana, Zion Park in Utah or something FUN! Sitting in a hotel room totally weak and waiting on my next round of tests is NOT fun! I should be out playing and exploring somewhere! When I do have the energy, I have been sorting out everything from the truck. Wow, I sure accumulate alot of stuff! Next truck we move into I will only have about 1/3 of what I had.

Monday I do the cameras both down the throat as far as they can push it and also the other end. I sure hope they find an answer and that what they find can be solved easily. As we progress, I will keep you updated. I’ve been holding steady, and am trying a new medicine for my allergies. We will see what that does.

Many thanks for all the continued prayers and concern. I certainly appreciate it more than I could ever show!


Ok we got out of the hospital this afternoon. All the CT scans they did showed nothing major. There is still the problem of finding out why my blood levels keep dropping, going up, then drop again. Instead of staying in the hospital, the rest of the tests can be done out patient. The next ones are May 18 and 19 when they stick cameras up from the bottom and down from the top looking for the problem. I am so glad they will do both procedures during the same visit so that means just one prep.  Depending on what that finds determines where we go next. Now I will just relax until then in this nice hotel. My body is so worn out and now that they gave me so many medicines, etc….I need to just “do nothing”.

Happy Mother’s Day!