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Good morning from Billings,  Montana.  We covered 569 miles yesterday and have about that much to do today. It seems we are doing alot better job of maintaining broadcast quality signal through Montana!  We have some heavy mountains and canyons to traverse today so get ready for the ride.

Dodge City 

Morning!  We are at the shipper and while doing our walk around of the loaded trailer,  we found a tire completely off the rim.Yay! We always get stuck with somebody else’s tire problems.  Oh well.  Soggy day here this morning.  As soon as we get the tire fixed we will roll on out of here. 

I finally got the triptracker to behave properly! For now, I did, anyway.  Keep all animals and unauthorized fingers away from it please 🙂 

Ready to Ride?

Morning from the terminal in Denver,  Colorado.  We have the green light for departure to our next shipper.  This is a nice long trip with 2 deliveries  in the State of Washington.  We will roll through some scenic areas and some without a signal. We will be leaving here in just a few minutes.  The truck checked out good and the first 100,000 miles we averaged 8.2mpg. 

Long day?

499.9 miles done today.  Very early morning start tomorrow so we can make delivery on time. After our delivery we need to put the truck in the shop for it’s oil and fuel filter change.  Dusty parking lot here and it’s humid and hot! No new trip until Thursday. 

The Twins! 

Welcome to Twin Falls,  Idaho for the night.  We make our delivery tomorrow morning then also load out of here right away and get started on our next trip. Nice ray today but Salt Lake City was pretty hazy from the California fires….