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  • American Minute for April 23rd
    William Shakespeare was born APRIL 23, 1564. His 37 plays impacted world literature. He married Ann Hathaway, had three children, moved to London, and became shareholding director of Globe Theater. He wrote such classics as Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. In 1591, Shakespeare introduced his play, King Henry the Sixth, in which h

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Days off

Afternoon gang. We have arrived at the delivery and now we are going to escape the world of trucking and enjoy a few days off! We return the morning of 4/23!
See ya then!


We are right now swapping our trailers and fixing to head on out and make our way to the Chicago area for a few days off.
Beautiful day out here! Did you see the nice back roads of Michigan state routes 89 and 40 this morning? Nice country and small towns!

Almost there

WooHoo! We ran out of time to get to the shipper because we stopped with only an hour and a half left for the week! We gain back 10 more hours tomorrow. We will drive 3 hours to the shipper, then 3 hours or so to delivery. THEN, then…….we are going to take a few days off! WooHoo Playtime coming up!

See ya in the morning for one more day of work!


We are being unloaded currently in Springfield, Ohio.
No next trip yet so I sent another message asking for one … Again.
I am trying to get to Chicago to take my time off. I have some good travel plans if I can ever get there!!


We have driven a total of 585 miles today as we rolled into Effingham.

Get a good night’s sleep then we roll out again in the morning!

No new trip just yet, perhaps they will find us a good weekend trip tomorrow!