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California dreaming 

Morning!  We are about to fight morning traffic and make our way to the delivery in Long Beach.  We also have our next trip lined up but that one is so very tight for scheduled delivery it isn’t even funny. I figure we do our best legally,  then that’s it. We can, in theory,...

Early utah

Yikes!  25 degrees here! Wait,  now 24. No snow in sight this season yet for us, but you know it’s anytime now….

Colorado Rockies 

Morning :Crew! Well, we arrived early but that did us absolutely no good. We didn’t get related until after more than ten hours just waiting for them to load us. Unacceptable.  Truckers are supposed to rush and be accountable for on-time deliveries,  but customers themselves?  Not so much.  This seems to be getting more...


Morning!  We have arrived at the shipper for the trip that will take us over the Rockies and through Las Vegas and into California.  I didn’t really do much of anything yesterday except be lazy. Remember as we go through the mountains west of Denver,  the signal will be pretty poor. Usually it isn’t...

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