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Afternoon!  We are taking our 30 minute break here in Aurora,  Nebraska.  Good sunny day out on the Interstate and 71 degrees! After our break,  we will only have about 4 hours to use today but we gain another 8 back in the morning.  


Afternoon ya’ll.  Seems we are having problems with the GPS app I use. Marco and the app developer are currently working to find and fix the error.  

Meanwhile,  I’m in Rawlings,  Wyoming taking our 30 minute break… 


Good morning.  The talk went okay yesterday.  Nope, no safety awards or anything,  not even a toaster! 

This next trip will be a good easy ride to Ohio.  Easy because we keep hitting our 70 hours limit. Today we only get 6 hours. The next 5 days we gain only about 8 hours a day. Woohoo,  that means no real long “forever ” days!

You will notice there are now 3 mileage indications available.  The difference between actual career and paid is because I only get paid zipcode to zipcode.

Update…  Yeah, okay, so I changed my mind. We picked up the load and went to Salt Lake City and will just chill out for the day. At this point we only have 4 hours available to use today and gain back 8 or so each day the next few days. I figure why not just sit today and add our hours over the next few so we can run harder and not worry about running out of time in the middle of nowhere. Free Internet here, so maybe I’ll break out the laptop or go for a walk.  A few years ago, we did this trail right near this truckstop! See the photos of my walk on the Jordan Trail

Real quickly…

We just made our delivery in Ogden,  Utah.  We are headed to my home terminal to talk to the big boss, then we have a local pickup and delivery to do today then we will be free to start our next trip.  Hope you enjoyed the scenery as we covered 2,000 miles making ourway West! See you in the morning.  Yes, my GPS will still show me bumming around town, but the distances are too short to broadcast….


Morning!  Yes, I slept in late. It got down in the 40’s here lastnight!  I’m starting to see trees changing and tons of geese headed south…..

We will roll along Interstate 80 today and see where we end up. You guys gave some great names yesterday.  Some silly, some good, some of ya need help (tk). Thanks for all the great input. Let get up, get coffee,  then fuel so we can hit the road!