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  • American Minute for July 25th
    Ulysses S. Grant was commissioned JULY 25, 1866, as General of the Army, the first ever to hold that rank and wear the four silver star insignia. Popularity from Civil War victories resulted in him being chosen as Republican candidate for President in 1868. Earlier, while farming in Missouri, Grant inherited a slave from his wife's father, a 35-year-old

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Good afternoon y’all! Looks like we now have our next trip already and we will leave in a few minutes…

It was a good few days off. I didn’t really do anything exciting, but I did help a buddy work on his yard. Tons of weed pullings, grass cutting, tree trimming, etc. I love working in the yard since I have not been able to do that since I started trucking. Wow, who knew I would get sore from yard work? Lol

OK, go ahead and pile in and find your favorite spot to view America. We will roll as soon as I catch up on paperwork and get coffee. Today is the last day … Then somebody turns half a dang century old tomorrow! ACK!!


Alrighty now we are done with this trip. We are in line at the Blue Beacon for a trailer washout so we can be all ready when we get back from time off. We still have about 95 miles to go to get where we are going, but it is not an official trip – unless you count “getting to time off” a trip! :)


Good Monday morning! We have been busy running around all over doing the deliveries. So far so good with everything. We are currently in another door being unloaded then we have just one final delivery in Oak Creek. After that is done and we terminate this trip, we will boogie on down towards Hampshire, Illinois and take a few days off! Double woohoo!!!

First One

Good super early Sunday morning! We just got done with our first delivery and made our way to the only truckstop in the area – an hour out of route! There will now be an intermission of 20 hours or so before we deliver all the other stops on Monday morning. We will finish up and be very busy but then after Oak Creek we get to take a few days off! WooHoo! Ok, I am gonna see if I can get a few minutes sleep before the sun wakes me up! Your Sunday Video for this week is….drumroll…


Short break here as we keep heading Eastbound to our delivery……no word yet if they will take us early.