Good morning Road Crew.  In case you are wondering why we are just lounging around and not driving….  We have had to stop because we are hitting our 70 hour clock. We stopped with less than 2 hours left but since we don’t gain any hours until midnight Pacific time,  we can use the leftover time to actually start driving again at 1230am central time and head towards the delivery.  With that in mind,  we will use up most of the 70 hours tomorrow and again,  won’t gain more hours until midnight again.  Since we have our next trip lined up, that means we will most likely have to stop early and start at some silly hour when we gain hours back. It isn’t the rules and regulations – or even traffic or weather – that makes me tired and hate to drive….it this nonstop flip flop hours to get the job done. No regular sleep patterns at all! 

The photo is of Lookout Pass at the Idaho and Montana state lines last week as we rolled in and out of the fog. Nope, I was not holding the camera to take the photo. Trust me.

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