Behind the scenes

Well dangit man! If you guys only knew the troubles!

So, I recorded the drive from Biggs Junction, Oregon to Granger, Washington on US Highway 97 North a few days ago. Because of the limitations of the HD recording format on the phones, it split the recording into three sections. It has always been this way but I handled it by splicing the different parts into one video using YouTube’s video editor into one final video. That always worked very well. Then YouTube decided to do away with their online editor. That explains why some recorded videos are still in parts instead of just one single video. I then started using movie maker that came with Windows but apparently that is no longer available and even the one that came with my laptop no longer works. So, I downloaded a very good editor the other day and have spliced the US 97N parts into one seamless video. The processing took multiple hours. Then I uploaded it to YouTube and that took even longer than “forever” since the single file was 12.9GB. After it got uploaded (after several failed attempts) and I watched the video to make sure it worked fine, it didn’t play on any mobile device and on the laptop browser it would not go any better than 360px, even though it was recorded (and encoded) at 1080HD! I gave up and deleted it. I went back to the drawing board and made several more types of coding for a single video…and even though I checked and double checked, YouTube keeps telling me it is in the wrong format even though it is the same as I have always used! Now, yesterday and last night, today and now tonight, I have been working countless hours just to get a single video workable to show for you. So far, this whole thing really has got me frustrated. Things should NOT be this difficult. I mean, all I wanted to do was splice three videos into one single one and upload. Never before have I had this amount of trouble! I am giving it one more try. This is so ridiculous it isn’t even funny. If this one fails again, I will just upload the original three parts of the drive. All these years of previous videos and editors and never had this much trouble. GGRRRRRR Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, we only have 7 hours to drive tomorrow before we fully exhaust our 70 hour limit. We gain nothing back tomorrow, so half day for Friday! Then, starting Saturday and on, we will be getting back (and driving) 10+ hours a day to New York!

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