Trip changes

Evening to all. The original trip from Pennsylvania to Idaho has changed a few times since we left the shipper on Saturday.  Because of us being overdue for our California BIT inspection,  we had planned on dropping the trailer in Salt Lake City.  Then, because our 70 hours clock was rapidly disappearing , we had to stop in Evanston,  Wyoming for our 34 hour restart.  So close yet not quite close enough ! The bosses were going to send someone to pickup this load and complete the trip to Idaho . Now, it looks like no other drivers are available!  This means the current plan is to take our restart,  then Thursday morning head to the dropyard in Salt Lake. As it turns out, I was notified today that not only do we need the California inspection,  but we are also coming up on our 300,000 mile transmission filter and fluid change and our oil change! Plenty going on for sure. As usual , anything can change at a moments notice.  If it does , I will let Ya’ll know!

7 thoughts on “Trip changes

  1. Well, you know better than I that if you want to keep any machine running you have to maintain it. Also, Evanston, WY is a great place for a 34 hour restart: there’s a nice state park right across I-80 (I hiked there 2 years ago; it’s in my blog), and there’s a nice paved bike trail along the Bear River provided the river is not flooding it due to spring snow melt. And traffic in Evanston is so light that almost anywhere should be Segway-able. Enjoy your day off! Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. Hi Steve,sounds like you may be able to have an enjoyable 34 hours off.Hope you are well and your truck is as good as new soon.Keep on trucking ,doing a great job ,as usual. 🙂

  3. This trip has been all over the place, sorry about that. Hope things smooth out. Have a great restart!💟

  4. Too bad there isn’t big mall there. If there was you could be a mall cop for a day riding your segway just like in the movie Stay safe

  5. Oh Steve – problems on my side too! I have no (or very weak, slow) internet connection in last days😡! Practically, i can’t watch your live streams now!! Fortunately, i have a lot of brt videos downloaded on my HD, so now i predominately watching old-good archived video stuff;-) last i watched US 95 from OR to NV, Shiprock NM to Moab UT … wonderful videos, some in 1080p, great!!… Take care Steve, I hope your truck-troubles will be resolved fast. Have a good night like in “pumpkin truck” 😉
    Btw, i watch the 300.000 milestone of our Cascadia almost one month ago… I looking forward for that!!;) and 1.5 million miles is also not far;))
    Godspeed You Steve!

    tomas “tomatohead”🍅:)
    …and best wishes to all trusty/devoted road crew members and mods!👍🔧

      1. Holy moly it’s great to see you’re well Tomas!!! Lots of us were worried. Take care and sorry about the internet problems.

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