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Sunday Song for 11/20/22

4 thoughts on “Sunday Song for 11/20/22

  1. Thanks for fantastic tours this week and the exquisite 😉 commentary.
    Have a fun week ahead.
    You’re appreciated Steve.

  2. Good Sunday message. On the subject of drop yards since you are going there. the solution to the California AB5 fiasco is to establish Dtop Yards at ALL entry points to CA and the independent drivers can just operate outside of California and drivers who want to comply can just go to a yard and pick up the load and take it into CA. Would work better than all the confusion that is happening now.

  3. everytime,BRT drives east on I 80 in Casey, I remember the time i was driving east on 80,50 years ago,following a trailer with its’ door open and two big hogs,standing on the back looking out.when the driver hit a bump,they both fell off…bouncing in the road,like two rubber balls and into the field. i avoided the situation and do not know if the driver stopped.

  4. nice song

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