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Midnight Express

Morning! Like very early morning! I laid down for a short nap before I got dinner ready. Hahaha I just now woke up! I forgot to turn Snowman back on for you. The allergies and that 70 hour clock is taking it’s toll for sure. Now that I’m up, I might as well get rolling . We will let Snowman run but not stream because past experience shows that there is no signal as we jump over the mountains on UT 20 to get on US Highway 89. Yes, I know we haven’t addressed the text color yet and the imare still too big. Remember, this is only still testing and I haven’t gotten the latest app build released yet.

In case you didn’t know, our California trip had to be dropped off for another driver to finish. We have been hitting our 70hr clock and then the customer moved up the delivery by a day so it was impossible for us to make. Now this trip to Phoenix is also running late even though we have maxed out our hours. Freight is picking up and customers want it quicker than normal and seems to be not enough drivers for the increased demand. Either way, we do our best and let the chips fall where they may.

The backcountry of Utah and Arizona is a beautiful place and an amazing drive, but as always, the best places still have no signal. True solitude at it’s best! I’ll bring you what images we can, you can always look back at some of our previous trips and recordings from the areas.

9 thoughts on “Midnight Express

  1. You can only do what you can do. Safe travels!

  2. I would imagine that running that route in the middle of the night there wouldn’t be much to see anyway, very desolate and dark. So a live stream even if there was a tower wouldn’t have shown much. Sunrise was probably cool though.

    1. You have to be alert for Elk in the Flagstaff area feeding along 89!

  3. I like the new formate thanks for the hard work on trying to get better stay safe Big Rig Steve.

  4. Enjoy the content day or night, stay safe, I do hope that you at least have some earbuds in your ears either listening to fellow truckers or some music to keep you awake. Thanks again I get some coffee ☕ just in case.

  5. All I can say Steve is thank you thank you thank you for everything you do to show us and the world America through your eyes. I had terrible insomnia last night so staying up with you was easy although I did have to mute you, at times, when you were talking….lol I loved seeing the roads and hearing the engine as it made it up and down the mountains. It was a great trip and hope you felt those of us who were with you. Take care and get some rest.

  6. Ok. questions about the view at the shipper: Do you have to disconnect from the trailer at all shippers? Why do they make you do that? Also, I think the camera picture may have been flipped horizontally because when you got out of the truck the door was on screen left if looking straight on at the truck that would be the passenger side.

    1. All phones do that when using the rear camera.
      No, not all customers require tractor trailer separation.
      They do it as a way to prevent drivers from pulling away while forklifts are inside the trailer.

  7. Steve; your heartfelt and insightful commentary tonight (9 April) on why you do BRT struck a chord with me and ,I’m sure , many others. You are a class act. Your development of photographic talents and then sharing them with others for everybody’s benefit was a good explanation why we are drawn to BRT. You have us pegged.😀

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