Howdy!  Yesterday was a very tight day to get to the delivery before we ran out of time. On the final stretch heading into the Salt Lake City area, there were four separate accidents tying up traffic . We arrived at the customer on time but busted our drive clock by three minutes . Hate doing that but no way could I have known or avoided the traffic snarls. Nobody is going to harass me over 3 minutes .

About the captcha.. .I hate it and know you hate it, but for now it will keep the robots from getting into my website and stealing your email addresses,  causing spam, and other bad stuff. I have increased security because we have gone from a simple blog to now having a store. I want anything you guys submit to be safe. The good news is after you do the captcha a few different times, it learns you and then it will just give you a box to simply check .

No new trip at this time, but we will go get coffee and get the trailer washed out so we can be ready.

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