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Monday issues

Hey, Good morning! Yeah, it’s a Monday alright lol. We picked up a chunk of metal in our trailer tire yesterday and tried to get the tire shop to fix it but they didn’t have a tire mechanic available until this morning. We are now in the shop and getting it addressed. Just add another wrinkle to the morning because of the absolute bad attitude of the tire tech. We talked to the shop manager and got that addressed as well. We are actually pulling a different companie’s trailer so having to talk to two different organizations proves to be rougher than it should be. Ggrrr.

At any rate, we will continue on to Salt Lake City to hand this load to another driver then we might go in the shop for our regular service and get that air issue fixed, or they might keep us rolling. Either way, we are short on hours, only 8 today and six tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Monday issues

  1. Do you haul another company’s trailer very often? I don’t recall you ever mentioning that before.

    1. Very rare but yes we have before. Think this is 3rd time in 14 years

  2. Who do I need to swat with my claws out?
    That has been known to help.
    Anyway, I figured you’d like to see my photo again. So here I am.

    1. Since you’ve been declawed you need to Bite.

  3. It’s too bad that we can’t all work together, I’ve had that kind of “that’s not on my agenda” cooperation several times during my career and that attitude never ceases to amaze me. I always bent over backwards to assist my work friends. I received Honorable Mention for the highest award our Department gave in 2011 because of that approach to my work…

  4. Hi Steve. Same old run-around when you need to get something done sometime SOON! OK since you are just lounging around I have an
    idea that might be possible if you have time. I seem to try to watch your live camera more often when you are not broadcasting. If you
    could make the camera icon in front of the Live Broadcast banner GREEN when it is live it would be nice. Keep up the good work.

  5. Remember, for every bad attitude, there’s fifty more good people attitudes outhere you’ll run into. Some people just don’t like their jobs they should be fortunate they are able to keep because it is difficult to find a good job to hold on to for the long term. If you ran into me, I would do my best to be as courteous to you as you would be to me. You know the bible verse, Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Remember, there’s tons more good people out here who work hard enjoying what they do and I bet the next time you’re going to run into a service employee who won’t be that way.

    PS, He has alot more to worry about from his boss breathing down his neck then he does not being courteous to his customers who are the reason he’s able to keep that job!

  6. Hey Steve i think i have a remedy for that employee you encountered with less then a prfessional attitude towards you the customer!! He needs to follow BRT daily action here on your site and after allowing himself to get psyched up with all inter action with daily chatters he will have a ==I Love All you crazy fellow BRT Crew!! Okay am goofy but just my way of expressing==God Bless You Steve!!! Okay so now==Mash-It time

  7. Are you getting a new truck?

  8. Steve, Andrew B. Is right on! wife & I had been discussing how all your support requirements are generally met with a “can do” attitude by the ground troops, then this! Been away a couple days, hang in there!

  9. do you ever make any trips to the state of Florida

    1. Leland,
      Steve was in Florida last June, 2020 and last September, 2020.

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