Good morning! Well we did the first part of our trip OK. It sure feels funny because my foot won’t keep trying to mash the clutch and my hand has nothing to grab onto! Guess I will have to lay them off the job… Wait, no, I still need them to walk to the coffee maker and carry it to the truck!

I expected our load to be a live load but it turns out it was preloaded and ready for us! I will try to write more about it at our break later today but I think we will be OK. It just feels different and I have to adapt to it. This truck does drive incredibly quiet and smooth! So far, our mpg is 10.7! It will go down now since we are loaded and we will see what it is then. Love the room in here with no low ceiling, no step to fall down, and no gear tree to wiggle around! It’s like a roomy hotel on wheels!

Let’s get coffee then head on out.