If a shipper or customer takes an excessive amount of time to process you, can your company penalize them? Are you compensated?

If you have been following me any length of time, you know that customers definitely take their sweet time to load or unload me. The industry “standard” for a customer to have a truck on their property is two hours. In theory, the customer pays a detention fee for every hour they delay a trucker past the two hour window (up to 8 hours – beyond that, the driver is just plain out of luck). I do get detention pay by my company, but it must first be approved by the customer that held me up. Normally, this is not an issue and the customer pays it if I documented the arrival time, appointment time, and the departure times. About 25% of the customers decline paying the detention pay and it can take a whole lot of back and forth business and ultimately the customer wins and the driver loses. Some companies flat out lie about the times and falsely state what time they released me. Again, it is basically an uphill fight and easier to just move on. The longest I have been held by a customer??? 21 hours!

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