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!broadcast1Steve broadcasts all of his driving when he is able. However sometimes there are unavoidable issues with weak signals or no signal at all. These issues are out of his control.Moderator 
!broadcast2Live broadcasts like this are low priority on cell towers and if the towers are overloaded, it can affect his ability to broadcast without buffering. This has nothing to do with the equipment he uses.Moderator 
!broadcast3Please be mindful of this and realize that Steve does the best he can but there are many things out of his control. Continued complaining about any of these issues will get you banned from the chat.Moderator 
!cargoSteve cannot reveal what cargo he is hauling until after delivery. Check the Trip Journal to see the list for this year with the cargo he was hauling 
!chatSteve (The Driver) cannot read the chat while driving for safety reasons. However, he does sometimes check in and chat while stopped.Moderator 
!companySteve is a company driver. However, we don’t discuss the company’s name. This is for security and privacy reasons.Moderator 
!countymapWant to see where Big Rig Steve has been? Check out the counties visited map!,-92&zoom=4&user=bigrigsteveModerator 
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!locationWant to know where we are and where we are headed? Go to 
!modOnly Mod’s can Control the BotsRegular 
!nightbotNightbot is an automated message generator that only posts preset messages written by the moderators. It is not a real person, and thus cannot respond directly to any comment.Moderator 
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!relaxRelax! Steve has over 1.6 million miles and he has handled all types of weather and traffic. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and let BigRigSteve do the driving, he will get you there safely!Regular 
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!rulesPlease keep the chat family friendly and kid safe. For the rules for chat and comments, visit: 
!speedSteve’s truck is governed to a maximum of 65 MPH.Moderator 
!speed2Please don’t complain about the speed of the truck. Continuing to complain about Steve’s speed will get you banned from chat.Moderator 
!speedo**Hidden Code**Regular 
!stevechatWhen Steve is chatting with us, in order to simplify things, please refrain from crosstalk (talking with each other). Confine all of your posts to questions and comments directed to Steve.Moderator 
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!timeoutConversation and comments relating to trucking or the current ongoing chat is welcomed. Posting random words, comments etc for no real reason is simply annoying and not welcomed.Moderator 
!trailerSteve pulls a refrigerated (reefer) trailer and typically hauls food related products. He may also haul dry goods that require temperature or humidity control.Moderator 
!trip**Hidden Code**Regular 
!tripmap1Although Steve will usually follow the route on the trip map fairly closely, he may deviate from the posted route for various reasons.Moderator 
!tripmap2The route Steve drives is influenced by fuel stops, which are set by his company at predetermined points. Otherwise, Steve is allowed to choose the route he drives.Moderator 
!tripmap3The lettered points on the trip map only represent the cities where shipping and delivery takes place. They are not the actual shipping and delivery points.Moderator 
!truckSteve drives a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia. It is equipped with a Detroit Diesel DD15 engine and a DT12 automatic (AMT) transmission.Moderator 
!weather**Hidden Code**Regular 
!welcomeWelcome to the BigRigTravels Live Stream! Please visit our website to find out where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. https://www.BigRigTravels.comRegular