Mod Commands

⌚ Not driving for 34 hours resets the 70-hour clock to maximum, but a 34-hour reset is rarely needed because hours automatically come back to the 70-hour clock from eight days ago.
Displays current time available at the start of our day.
🛒If you shop Amazon you can help us without costing you any extra by simply using any Amazon ad on the website before you make your purchases – then sign into your account.
🤸‍♂️ Pod bay doors opening… confirmed… amok, amok, amok… it’s running amok time!
Displays various random comments

🥓 All Things Bacon… 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓
📶Steve broadcasts all of his driving when he is able. However sometimes there are unavoidable issues with weak signals or no signal at all. These issues are out of his control.
📶Live broadcasts like this are low priority on cell towers. If towers are overloaded it can cause buffering. This has nothing to do with the broadcasting equipment in the truck.
🛒The new 2024 BRT calendars featuring photos of the ghost town of Cuervo, New Mexico are now on sale at
🛒Need an all purpose greeting or note card? Check out our Signature Line of original cards!
🤐Steve cannot reveal what cargo he is hauling until after delivery. Check the menu bar on the website for the new trip blog
💬Steve (The Driver) cannot read the chat while driving for safety reasons. However, he does sometimes check in and chat while stopped.

🐸Displays various messages.
☕How about buying your driver and tour guide a cup of coffee? You can do so by clicking right here – (it’s much cheaper than superchat)
🤐Steve is a company driver. However, we don’t discuss the company’s name. This is for security and privacy reasons.

💬Join our gathering place on Discord! Follow the link to find the BigRigTravels Road Crew Server
🚚 When Steve’s off-air you can watch his friend Ernie for some more live stream trucking

💬Are you on Facebook? Join our Road Crew Facebook page!
❔Check out our FAQ page for some common questions we get at

📽️Steve’s vlog about the recorded vs live formats
🚚Simplified driving hours rules: max 11 hours a day driving; max 14 hours a day on duty; max 8 hours driving before 30 min break; max 70 hours on duty per 8 days on a rolling basis.

ℹ For information we recommend (1) The BRT web site (2) Google Maps (3) Wikipedia

🐸Aunt Jemima, Frogspawn Born, Mother of Tadpoles. The Watcher on the Dash, The Shield Who Guards the Truck. Devourer of Cheetos. Adored by her millions of fans around the world.

🚚When Steve’s off-air you can watch his friend “Germany Jens” for some European live stream trucking.
lang has been replaced with !lang1 French, German, Spanish; lang2 Italian, Dutch, Chinese; lang3 Japanese, Korean; !lang4 Russian

🌐 Bienvenue sur Big Rig Travels. Veuillez poster en anglais.🌐 Willkommen bei Big Rig Travels. Bitte posten Sie auf Englisch.🌐 Bienvenido a Big Rig Travels. Por favor publique en inglés.
🌐 Benvenuti a Big Rig Travels. Per favore posta in inglese.🌐 Welkom bij Big Rig Travels. Gelieve in het Engels te posten.🌐 Huānyíng lái dào dà zuànjī lǚxíng. Qǐng yòng yīngwén fātiē.
🌐 Biggu rigu toraberu e yōkoso. Eigo de tōkō shite kudasai.🌐 Big Rig Travels-e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida. yeong-eolo gesihaejuseyo.
🌐 Dobro pozhalovat’ v Big Rig Travels. Pozhaluysta, opublikuyte na angliyskom yazyke.

⛽Love’s rewards scheme Steve’s rule of Love’s: 500 gals/Gold by the 10th of the month, 1000/Platinum by the 20th, and 1500/Diamond by the 30th.
🌐 Trip map can be found here:

🐘Mastodon is an alternative to Twitter. BRT is on Mastodon (can be accessed from any server)

🤝🏻Get a special Road Crew medallion! To arrange a meetup with Steve, email him at as soon as possible. Meetups can only be at truckstops on his route.
🛒What’s in YOUR pocket? Get your official BigRigTravels Membership card for your wallet, purse, or pocket!
🛑Only Moderators can Control the Nightbot.

💥 Anyone asking about Steve’s next trip is liable to incur the Terrible and Enduring Wrath of Jemima. You definitely don’t want that to happen to you. Enjoy this trip, don’t worry about the next one.
😊Neff Kinchen thinks this is a Nice Town ..
ℹ Nightbot is an automated message generator that only posts preset messages written by the moderators. It is not a real person, and thus cannot respond directly to any comment.
🛈For the latest status/news while Steve is off air, check the status bar on the front page of the web site

💻 Of course master, it is my humble pleasure to obey your orders, sir.

🛈Our current speed, altitude, location and local time are overlayed on the broadcast screen.
Excuse me while I pop my eye back in place

💲Now you can donate directly through PayPal in any amount in any currency by using this link:

📷 Visit Steve’s “Photo of the Day” on the BRT web site.

Some people like pineapple on pizza, some don’t. Personally, I like electrons on my cathodes but that’s just me.

📽️This premiere was recorded on a GoPro camera and no Starlink equipment was used. Steve’s blog has the technical details

📽️This is a premiere. That means it’s a recording and not one of our normal live broadcasts. The camera view, the on-screen graphics, and the resolution may all differ from the live broadcast format.
🏔️ This is a useful map which shows the major mountain ranges and other geographic regions of North America

I am not a real person. I am a robot, robot, robot, robot, robot, robot, robot….

🛌🏻Relax! Steve has over 2 million miles and he has handled all types of weather and traffic. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and let BigRigSteve do the driving, he will get you there safely!
If you would like to send Steve a signal/picture quality report, email him at and be sure to say what time and day (or place names passed) you’re reporting.

📸Want to see pictures of some of the roadcrew that has met Steve? Go to this link:
📜Please keep the chat family friendly and kid safe. Chatting on this channel is a privilege, not a right. Respect to one another is required. Rules:

ℹ Our 2022 Cascadia has the following safety features: Detroit Assurance, Lane departure, triple drivecams, Active Brake Assist, Traffic Sign Display, Adaptive Cruise Control

📸 Even when Steve is off air on YouTube, his Snowman 24/7 still camera keeps you up to date.
🛈Steve’s truck is governed to a maximum of 65 MPH. You can see our current speed on the bottom left of your screen!

📡 How does Starlink work? Simple explanation Detailed explanation

🛈This is an outline map of the US states

💥Hearing static in our stream? We must temporarily be in a location with a lot of interference. We have no control over this but hang tight, it should resolve itself shortly.

Displays the contents of the status bar (from the web site)
🛒Get yourself some Road Trip Souvenirs at
🛈 Our fuel carrying capacities are: Tractor has 2 – 100 gallon tanks. DEF/AdBlue tank has 17 gallons. Regular refrigerated trailer has 50 gallons. Rail refrigerated trailers carry 100 gallons.
📜Conversation and comments relating to trucking or the current ongoing chat is welcomed. Posting random words, comments etc for no real reason is simply annoying and not welcomed.

This is a built-in Nightbot command. With no parameter, it responds with the current thread’s title. With a parameter, it replaces the thread title with that parameter. So in most cases:
In YT, highlight the current thread title and CTRL/C to copy it.
In Chat, enter !title and a space, then CTRL/V to paste the curent title.
Edit the title as appropriate, keeping the basic format.
Post the command. 

🛈Steve pulls a refrigerated (reefer) trailer and typically hauls food related products. He may also haul dry goods that require temperature or humidity control.
Displays current trip information
🌐Although Steve will usually follow the route on the trip map fairly closely, he may deviate from the posted route for various reasons.
🌐The route Steve drives is influenced by fuel stops, which are set by his company at predetermined points. Otherwise, Steve is allowed to choose the route he drives.
🌐The purple points on the trip map are route points, only added to make the map display the route correctly. They are not stopping, shipping or delivery points.
🚚Steve drives a 2022 Freightliner Cascadia. It is equipped with a Detroit Diesel Gen 5 engine and a DT12 automatic (AMT) transmission. It was put into service on 2/8/22 with 81 miles on it.

🌐BRT is on Twitter at (no Twitter account needed to read it)
🛌I’m busy sleeping at the moment….what do you want?

🚚 A trailer washout involves the cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing of the inside of trailers to remove dirt, food products, and contaminants.
👓Welcome to a BRT watch party. There won’t be any driving on this stream and audio might be muted for long periods.

Displays the current weather at Steve’s location live from the website
🛈For all the latest trip information and more visit our website at
🙋Welcome to the BigRigTravels Live Stream! Please visit our website to find out where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going.

With no parameter, this command displays “what’s going on?” information when something unusual is happening, to save moderators having to repeatedly respond manually to the same questions in chat.
To change the wording:
!commands edit !what new text
Depending on the situation, it might also be appropriate to change the stream’s title with !title, and YT editors might want to change the pinned message in chat.
There are certain words that are on the block list due to how they can be used in a vulgar context. Don’t worry If nightbot removes your innocent message. It happens from time to time.
Sorry, Lorna stole it.
[note: this command does not have a ! prefix]
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