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About Broadcasting and Website

What type of cameras do you broadcast with?

Both the LIVE broadcasts and the snowman image cameras are actually the Galaxy Note 5 smartphones.

When did get started? made its debut on February 8, 2008 with just the still image camera aka the snowman. In May 2008 we started livestreaming on Camstreams. As technology changed, we moved to streaming on Veetle and Ustream before finally moving everything to our Bigrigtravels YouTube channel.

What Internet provider do you use?

We have Verizon Unlimited

How come you do not broadcast in 1080P?

We broadcast directly from the YouTube app on the smartphones so our only option is to stream at 720p.

What causes all the buffering, stutter, and grainy during your streams?

Buffering and grainy images during the stream is due to several factors including scarce signal, mountainous terrain, and even throttling in heavy usage areas. We broadcast directly from the phones so we must rely on cell towers to carry our broadcasts as we drive.

Why do you stop broadcasting when you get to customers?

I cannot broadcast any customer details about exact location, film or take photos inside their property for their privacy.

What is the Snowman Camera? Why is it called that?

The Snowman camera is the still image camera that uploads an image every 15 seconds or so and runs continuously, even when we are not broadcasting giving you a look at truckstops, etc in real time. As far as the name itself, the very first camera we used was literally in the shape of a snowman and so the name just stuck.

Can you explain the US Hours a driver can drive?

Because there are so many clocks and conditions, this link can provide you with everything you need:

About Trucking in General

Who pays for the fuel, washouts, and repairs?

Since it is company equipment, they pay for all expenses including tolls if needed.

What company do you drive for?

I do not discuss the company I drive for due to privacy and legal reasons associated with brand names and logos. The website and trucking company have nothing to do with each other and we cannot lead viewers to believe there is any sponsorship or collaboration in any form

What type of truck are you driving?

The current truck is a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia pulling a 53 foot temperature controlled trailer. Other trucks I have driven in the past include the Volvo VNL, Peterbilt, International ProStar, and Kenworth power units.

Can you explain the US Hours a driver can drive?

Because there are so many clocks and conditions, this link can provide you with everything you need:

How long have you been driving trucks?

I have some experience back in my Air Force days, but as a civilian commercial driver, I started in late 2006.

What kind of products do you haul?

For security reasons, I cannot mention what I currently have on the trip, BUT, you can visit the TRIP JOURNAL in the menu bar to find out all sorts of information about the completed trips – including the freight at the time.

Are you a regional driver? What States do you drive?

Currently, I drive all 48 States. Each has it’s own beauty so I enjoy all the different states.