Good Morning! Very windy here this morning. We are getting a late start because I needed extra sleep. For the last week my allergies have been fulltime trouble. Last night I actually had the first good night in awhile:)

Ok, enough complaining, time to go find coffee and get rolling:)

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St Louis

We sure did alot of travel in the rain and wind today! St Louis seems to be decent right now, but they are calling for thunder-boomers and lightning.

Did anybody see the water standing in the road on Interstate 74 in Indiana? Truckers coming Eastbound kept warning us Westbounders that the water was completely covering the road under the bridge. I put on my hazards and slowed down when I saw it was pretty deep, yet truckers were flying fast in the hammer lane (where the water was deeper) and I saw one hit hard! I am sure that became  a major problem area very quickly! THEN, all that traffic jam in Indianapolis where they had 3 lanes going down to one….they said pothole repair, but when I got there it looked more like a sinkhole! There were about 5 vehicles on the shoulder all being towed away!

We are done for today. We are making good progress and I have one heck of a sinus headache! See ya’ll in the morning. Hey, at least we finally got out of the blackhole, otherwise known as Hamilton, Ohio!

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Tornado heading straight towards us right now! That red triangle is a tornado!
They just started the tornado sirens! RUN!!


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We are finally on the move now. Lots of rain today. We passed this fence yesterday and it was fine. Now check out the flooding and the fence going down


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