New Trip

Evening folks!

Ok, so this is the new blog address, simply The website is alot more secure than it was and it will be harder for folks to just randomly get the codes to display everything we are doing on this website to show up on their websites. The LIVE Feed can be embedded anywhere at anytime. I have no control over that, but at least it has my site name and logos on it. The snowman camera will only work on If it is embedded anywhere else, they now have a big sign that says No Hotlinking allowed! This means we no longer will show up on any other travel app, BUT, you can always bookmark our site on your phones to view the BigRigTravels blog, cameras, maps, etc.

You can right click to save any snowman image just as you did before. You can display that saved image anywhere you want at anytime. What is blocked is the real-time actions of the snowman, maps, and other information.

The comments work the same as before, you simply make your comment, and as long as you have had a previously approved comment on here, your comment will automatically show. The old blog posts and comments could not be brought over no matter what I tried, but, if you want to review for a week or two, just follow the blue link on the left.

The cameras and maps up top of the blog will be real-time updated as before until we get within a set area close to a customer. At that time, the GPS and snowman and LIVE feed will be blocked. As soon as we drive out of that protected area, everything will come back automatically! Pretty neat, eh?

We have our next trip which starts early tomorrow morning! See ya then!

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New Blog

I have to run right now to go to a concert at the local library…..but I will make the first real blog post right here later tonight which will explain what we can and cannot do on the blog. 🙂

Ok, gotta run for now, already behind schedule. If you want to read the old blog posts and comments, you will need to go to the old 18 Wheels Across America Blog by using the blue link on the left….

The old blog will stay active for the next 7 days or so…..and Sunday Video for this week…..

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