Oh! Lots of confusion and trouble this morning! Closed roads, detours, can’t find an empty trailer to use, running behind now, all sorts of issues!

New trip is now posted. If I can just find an empty, we can get rolling again!

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Denver and Sapps

Welcome to cloudy Denver, Colorado and the Sapp Brother’s truckstop!

We had some serious wind earlier today running through Kansas, but as we got closer to Denver the winds died down. Now, it looks like the clouds are getting dark and gloomy. Rain perhaps?

We will make delivery in the morning then jet off to our next shipper as soon as we can get there. First comes free internet, coffee, dinner and sleep:) See ya tomorrow!

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Sunday Sun

Good Sunday Morning! Looks like the sun is coming up and it will be a great day!

I have my coffee in my hand and here is your Sunday Video for this week. In a few minutes we leave to go make this quick delivery then I will update our next trip:)

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Good Saturday morning! Time to roll out of bed and find the coffee pot!

Wow, when we rolled into this area yesterday my sinuses were great with no problems. Then last night I thought I was going to drown! LOL This morning we are at a happy medium, so hope it keeps up.

We will scoot on over the rest of Kansas and Colorado towards our delivery. Then we just got our next trip lined up to keep us busy the next few days.

If you look on the left sidebar towards the bottom, you will see a section called Helpful Information. That is where I will be putting other pages that might be of interest to you. 🙂

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