We are finally on the move now. Lots of rain today. We passed this fence yesterday and it was fine. Now check out the flooding and the fence going down



Morning Road Crew!
Very rough morning here for sure. I rolled in to get our loaded trailer and watched as another driver was taking it! I threw a fit. I really can’t say too much because I know I would get myself in trouble. Our trip has changed multiple times already today and as of right now we still are waiting on folks to figure out the difference between ghost trips, double booked trips, and impossible trips.
As soon as I find out what is going on, I will let you know. Right now all I want to do is scream and smack people LOL.


Well, we are right back where we spent the night last night! The trip has changed multiple times, but think we have a keeper now. At least it is better miles after all this trouble!

It will be loaded tonight and we will leave early tomorrow morning!


Afternoon Road Crew!

Well, there is some confusion going on today with this trip! I kept waiting to make a post to be sure of where we were heading…..but I just got notice that the trip has been cancelled. Go figure, it would have been nice to know earlier! Working with the bosses to get me paid for my waiting time and getting another trip. I should know something very soon…….

Something else I am confused about – I have gotten several emails from folks that told me they enjoyed the blog but now noticed I stopped doing it!? I went back, and yup, the last blog post on 18 Wheels Across America does mention we were moving….and gave the new address? I wonder why folks think I quit doing the website?

Here is another dilemma I have been pondering about: My very first BigRigTravels jacket. It has a very nice stitching of the website on the back of it but the jacket itself is worn down. Holes all along the sleeves. What should I do with it? Just cut out the back with the design? or toss the whole jacket – design and all? Any ideas?


Good Evening! We have dropped our trailer at the shipper but they have no freight for us right now. The trip info says Denver, Colorado but that may very well change to some other place. I will let ya’ll know what I find out tomorrow. Goodnight from the local corner gas station! 🙂

Delaware, Ohio

Good afternoon Road Gang! We drive a few miles today to make our delivery here in Delaware, Ohio. We are currently sitting in a door to get unloaded…and I have been warned it’s gonna be awhile before we get back out! Bummer!

Very breezy here today! I am so glad we were heavy! I felt like we were fighting the Wyoming winds!

Alot of you folks are having problems with the cameras. I am not sure if it is a problem with our codes and pages, or if it is poor signal coverage the last two days, or perhaps both! I know my phones and tablet have had tons of signal problems. Even the truck computer has been telling me “No Connections” numerous times today and yesterday and that uses WiFi, Satellite, and data towers! I am sure Deputy is looking into what he can, and we will see how things go when we get out of this part of the state.

Take a break and let’s hope we get out of here within a reasonable timeframe!

Almost Ohio!

Evening to ya! Well, we did some dancing around on the trip map today. Multiple ways to go and none of my dispatch directions matched, so we made our own way. 🙂 We are almost to the Ohio border and we have all day to get to our delivery tomorrow so we decided to go ahead and call it quits for today.

Tonight I will put the smiley faces back in the comments section for ya’ll, also, when you make your comments, look at the very bottom there is a check mark if you want an email notification if and when someone replies to your comment.  I still have a few tricks up my sleeve……

See ya’ll in the morning! I sure did NOT want to wake up this morning but had to. Tomorrow we don’t have to wake up until we are fully ready!


Good afternoon Road Crew! I want to say THANKS for all the kind comments and emails over the last few days that told me how important the website is to you. I am glad it does such good and provides entertainment. 🙂

We will leave shortly as soon as I can get some loose ends handled. We got our loaded, scaled out, adjusted our trailer wheels…..and we are ready!

Yes, you can right click to save Snowman images while he is active.

New Trip

Evening folks!

Ok, so this is the new blog address, simply The website is alot more secure than it was and it will be harder for folks to just randomly get the codes to display everything we are doing on this website to show up on their websites. The LIVE Feed can be embedded anywhere at anytime. I have no control over that, but at least it has my site name and logos on it. The snowman camera will only work on If it is embedded anywhere else, they now have a big sign that says No Hotlinking allowed! This means we no longer will show up on any other travel app, BUT, you can always bookmark our site on your phones to view the BigRigTravels blog, cameras, maps, etc.

You can right click to save any snowman image just as you did before. You can display that saved image anywhere you want at anytime. What is blocked is the real-time actions of the snowman, maps, and other information.

The comments work the same as before, you simply make your comment, and as long as you have had a previously approved comment on here, your comment will automatically show. The old blog posts and comments could not be brought over no matter what I tried, but, if you want to review for a week or two, just follow the blue link on the left.

The cameras and maps up top of the blog will be real-time updated as before until we get within a set area close to a customer. At that time, the GPS and snowman and LIVE feed will be blocked. As soon as we drive out of that protected area, everything will come back automatically! Pretty neat, eh?

We have our next trip which starts early tomorrow morning! See ya then!

New Blog

I have to run right now to go to a concert at the local library…..but I will make the first real blog post right here later tonight which will explain what we can and cannot do on the blog. 🙂

Ok, gotta run for now, already behind schedule. If you want to read the old blog posts and comments, you will need to go to the old 18 Wheels Across America Blog by using the blue link on the left….

The old blog will stay active for the next 7 days or so…..and Sunday Video for this week…..