Morning! The bosses are scrambling to solve our dilemma. We had two hours left and 89 more miles to go to delivery. The distance alone could only be done at highway speeds. Keep in mind morning rush hour from Provo clear to Salt Lake City, then the horrible construction and it would guarantee a violation for us before we even made it! If another driver comes to take this from us, it will be good. If not, we get 14 hours back at midnight Pacific time and will run it in then. Not sure which way this will go just yet. As soon as something happens, I’ll let ya know.

We swapped trailer loads with another driver this afternoon. We will take and deliver their load Thursday morning in Salt Lake City and they took ours and took it straight to delivery in Grantsville. Sure, we could have been a “super trooper” and made our delivery but I am 100% certain we would have gotten a violation. In the end, the DOT can issue a ticket for any violation within the last 8 days. No officer would care that a load was saved, point is, we had to stay legal. These computer elogs are unforgiving and reasons don’t matter in the least.

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Morning! The allergies have been off the charts for me so we have been dragging lately. We will run the rest of Interstate 70 then scoot down 15.

Sunday Song

Good lunchtime almost! We are just waiting for our rest clock to end so we can get out of here. I don’t know exactly what is in these hills around here, but the allergies are running full blast! We will start shortly towards Denver. We will have about an hour or so of our first broadcast until we go into a deadzone for signal for about two hours as we navigate the San Rafael Swell, Ghost Rock, and the other very steep mountain grades until we reach about Green River. While we won’t have signal, you can always watch the snowman camera and it will send out an image any time any hint of a tower comes along. There will be many times that we will buffer and most likely will lose the stream all along the way to Denver. Think about it, we are going through some very remote areas!

Finally got the newest Road Crew entry in the gallery. Way back on July 21, Stephen and Donald met us in Springville, Utah.

Good super early morning. We just shutdown on our next shipper’s property. Wait. Shutdown? Yup. Our delivery appointment yesterday was set for 7pm. We showed up an hour early. They put us in a door at 7pm, started unloading about midnight, and finally let us go about 8+ hours later. We then tried to get coffee before heading into our next shipper and that alone was an adventure! Closed ramps, closed lanes, turnarounds, train horns, side streets, missed streets, total fiasco just for coffee! You can check out our broadcast for the details. Finally did get my coffee though and that is what counts!

Because of the stupidly delayed unloading process, it has really messed up our next trip. We are already attached to our next trailer and loaded up and ready. Well, except that now we are hitting our 14 hour clock! We need to do a split sleeper clock and suspend the 14 hour clock. This means we will probably run about 1230pm Pacific time. I need to try and arrange more time to get to the delivery and get a few more hours at least. There is also the chance that because of the delays with the previous delivery folks taking waaaaay too long, we might end up losing this next trip since we were supposed to have already been underway by midnight. Check back in a few hours and see where we stand then.

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Ok, so not sure how I made a simple statement about us turning down a load (and for good reason) solicited so many negative comments! This will teach me to keep more of the “inside” trucking information to myself. Let’s not turn this blog and website into a place of controversy and discontent. Help me keep this blog better than the average website that gets filled with garbage and divisiveness. Remember, I’m trying to show the world of trucking and all the free travel across America that comes built in with this job that is so vital to everyone.

In the meantime, I’m having one crummy day getting this next trip started and finding an empty trailer to load with! Have patience and we will get rolling when everything lines up correctly!

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Egads, gonna be 110f here today in Phoenix says the weather app! Crank up the air conditioning! Many thanks for all the birthday wishes. Between emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc, there are so so many birthday wishes to me. that if I happen to miss saying thanks to you personally, please don’t take it personally and just know that I appreciate each one.

We are waiting for our next trip. I’ve already turned one down but the planners are working on something else for us. As soon as I get word back, I’ll let ya know.

TJElevatorFan and Foggy Point light from North Carolina!
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Howdy! We were unable to get another driver to take our delivery for us last night so we ended up doing it. It wasn’t really all that bad, but we were so short on hours, I was afraid we would not make it back to shutdown and ark before getting a violation on our 70 hour clock. We finally shutdown with just 9 minutes left about 1130pm. Whew! We are in the process of doing another 34 hour restart sine we didn’t gain any hours today. I am using today to finally get the trip journal caught back up as well. When we ran through the Virgin River Gorge in Northwest Arizona the other day, broadcast signal is non existent, so we hard recorded it in HD for ya. Have a look and enjoy!

Well Saturday was a day full of adventure for sure! We made our delivery, then played bobtail Bob while looking for an empty trailer, then saw about 30 police cars chasing an 18 wheeler in Cincinnati, swapped trailers again, got stuck in heavy traffic then ended our day running the backroad detour through Kentucky! Who says bigrigtravels is boring? 🙂 many thanks for all the folks that have sent in their audio clips. It’s great to hear the voices, and places from all around the world with a personal touch!

I did change the route for this trip. We are a bit too tight on time and very heavy so running up and down and all around the Rockies in Colorado would actually put us at a disadvantage. We will run 70 to Kansas, up 29 and swing the backside of Lincoln then roll across 80. It is only about 15 miles longer, but we will save time not dragging 79,000+ through the mountains. No fear, we will do the mountains one day soon.

a wrench was thrown at our delivery. We showed an open delivery appointment for today between 8am and 6pm. We rolled in and was turned away because they showed a firm appointment of 6pm tonight only. So we found a small truck stop down the road and will attempt delivery later today. Man, it is hard for a driver to manage his time efficiently when others send the wrong information to the truck! Guess at this point it really doesn’t matter since we are extremely close on our 70hr clock anyway. This will give me time to finally attack the trip journal!

We are currently unloading at our final delivery from Utah. We just got our next trip but right now there are a few unanswered questions about how this will play out. We DO know that we will pick up and load at the next shipper which happens to be less than a mile from our current location but not until this afternoon. We will go and talk to them about loading us early perhaps but regardless, we won’t be broadcasting until we depart from there. Watch the status bar for information about what is going on while the cameras are off. Because we only have 12 hours from right now on our 70hr clock and don’t gain anything back over the next two days, we may end up giving this next trip to another driver. At the same time, the planners are talking about letting us go to the final delivery and burn up our remaining hours. As soon as I hear back, or we get loaded, I will post the trip.