Welcome to Livingston, California where we stopped at the closest truckstop to the shipper. Our appointment is set for 4pm Saturday afternoon, but I called the shipping department and they told me to show up and check in at 5am and they will try to work me in early. No promises, but at least we will have a chance of getting on the road earlier. Delivery is Sunday so it will be a tight schedule and any extra time we get is a bonus. We also have our next trip assigned for us. It isn’t where I was hoping for, but it does keep us rolling. Not decided yet if we will broadcast the short 15 mile trip to our delivery customer or not.

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Good morning. Yesterday we made our delivery just ten minutes before they closed for the day! All the truckstops were full so we slept in the streets. Ok, so maybe we slept in the truck, but the truck was parked on the street. The only trip available out of here takes us back to the Inland Empire area of California. I was hoping for a trip to Texas or something, but at least we’re rolling. Remember, this is the slowest time of the year for freight.

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Morning! Ok, so yesterday we finally got to load our trip and by the time we got done it was already getting into the late hours and we still didn’t have a delivery appointment setup. I rolled through the truckstop and parking was sold out. Without an appointment, I didn’t see the need to do an overnight run for nothing. We went back to our hiding spot and took our ten hour break. Now that we finally have our delivery appointment scheduled, and our break is finished, we can finally hit the road towards Phoenix. Since the truckstop fill up fast at night and every few parking areas available once you leave this area, I saw no point in heading out. Buckle up and let’s get coffee for the journey to Arizona!

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Afternoon! We have our next trip finally but it does not load until 7pm tonight. I am about to call them and see if they will take us any earlier than that. Then it will be a short ride down Interstate 10 towards Phoenix, Arizona.

Have you checked out the new photography website lately? The trucking galleries are coming back online and we already have our first State gallery as well. Been to the Free downloadable wallpapers yet? Check back as we add more!

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Good morning! We will head down to the Ontario area to a secret location and wait until our delivery appointment early Monday morning. Yes, we will broadcast the drive from Ontario to Compton. Since today will be an easy half day, it will give me time to get some website work accomplished. Starting today, you can view the new photography website and check out the Road Crew Gallery. As I add the galleries to the new photography project, you will always be able to find out the latest additions by looking at the recent additions section. I will make all the links, etc as we go along. For now, just head to Bigrigtravels.net . Gotta get driving now. Get your coffee and let’s go!

Howdy and welcome to Evanston, Wyoming for the night. We had to take our 30 minute break in Little America, Wyoming and we just could not hold a signal. I’m not sure why, but once you get into the Little America parking lot, all signal disappears. Once we got done with the break, I tried several times to start broadcasting again then finally gave up because just down the road we started into the Three Sisters Mountains and we already know we lose signal there as well. As we got closer to Evanston, we decided to call it quits because we have less than two hours on our 70 hour clock and Salt Lake City is 100 miles away with lots of mountain climbing to do. This would also put us arriving in SLC right at the afternoon rush hour and we would certainly run past the 70 hour limit and I am not willing to do that. We don’t deliver until Friday anyway, so no big rush. Relax and enjoy your day. Hopefully you did get a few peeks in from the snowman camera! See ya in the morning!

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Good Sunday afternoon. Welcome to our sunny Alabama day! It sure feels good after the snowy ride through Georgia the other day! We are done for the day and parked and ready for Monday’s loading appointment. Last week I made an offer for a (potential) free book but nobody noticed the link and didn’t know about the offer, so we will try it again. If you are having a rough time, this book may help you. Special Offer

Howdy and welcome to the 12th year Anniversary of BigRigTravels! Yup, we started our broadcasting travels way back on February 8, 2008! A lot sure has changed during the last twelve years from the truckstops, new highways and roads, and of course the website. Welcome to the new 2020 BRT Dashboard and with new features including the new 70 Hour clock! I have spent countless hours trying to make the website more responsive to mobile devices since about half of our viewers use us on their phones and tablets. I have to admit the layout doesn’t quite look symmetrical and perfect on the desktop, but it seems to be very good on mobile devices. Most websites don’t use as much LIVE dynamic information as we do, so that in itself adds alot of difficulty for a perfect layout. Then of course the Google ads are placed automatically and change with each page load so they move the elements around themselves which sure doesn’t help me lol. At any rate, I am hoping you enjoy the new designs and I think it has a more modern, realistic look and feel to it. I am still working on bringing back the Road Crew Gallery and photography back on line soon. A very big thanks goes out to our resident computer code guru Hamster (Marco) for writing the codes that translate the truck information from our phones and puts it into a format that I can simply copy and paste into the website!

We currently have three trips lined up so we have our work cut out for us. The 2020 Calendars and now on sale so grab them while supplies last! Nope, I haven’t forgotten the trip Journal updates – I just wanted to get the new dashboard out for our birthday;)

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Good Sunday morning! If you missed the blog from Saturday, you missed alot of updates! If you did read it then you are all caught up and are ready for your Sunday video AND a Special Offer I’m extending out to the Road Crew! Firstly, here’s this week’s Sunday Video….

Good Saturday afternoon to the fantastic Road Crew. Here are just a few updates to let you know what is happening at BRT Central.

The Dentist-

Well, it took several attempts to get in to see the dentist, but we finally managed to get things handled. First, the holiday season and closed offices was the first delay. Then the big rush of people needing to see the dentist made ourr appointment for the 15th. We made it back to Belvidere for that date, but then the dentist had a death in the family so all appointments were cancelled. Then the next appointment was made for the 22nd but we tried our best but just could not get out of Texas fast enough to make it back in time. So, the next appointment was made for the 29th and woohoo, we made it this time! They took alot of xrays because we didn’t see him at all in 2019. Yup, we paid for dental insurance but didn’t use it in all of 2019. Not really a smart move. The good news is they didn’t find anything new, just the same two problem teeth that had cracked in half about three years ago and they really were causing problems, in fact, they they were the suspected cause of…..

The Face-

Ah, the face. The big, puffy, Frankenstein styled face of half mushroom gone bad and half Cheerios left in milk too long. LOL, ok, ok, so it isn’t quite that bad in real life, it just feels that way to me. The first swelling occurred in December, and an Urgent Care gave me antibiotics to help which they did and the swelling went down. Then it came back. Suspecting the bad teeth were the cause that is why we did the dentist thing… But, now that the teeth have been removed, the swelling came back and I went to the ER because it became quite painful and growing. The ER folks told me it wasn’t the dental at all but in fact another problem (discussed on last post). I have been on several prescriptions with today being the second day. I do not see any change just yet, so hoping something happens really quickly. It isn’t getting worse, but it isn’t getting better either.

The Truck-

During this “day off for dentist”, which will turn into 6 days now, I decided to turn the truck in to the shop for a checkup and investigate a shake that occurs in the hood and steering wheel that happens at 40-45mph. I get a call on Friday afternoon that they cannot locate the reason why the truck does that and they will have to hold the truck another week and that would mean I have to move into another truck since a driver cannot besitting and not moving that long. I was NOT happy at all about the thought of moving everything to yet another truck! Guess what? Another call from another person told me they found the problem and are waiting for the part to arrive on Monday but then we would be ready to roll in our own truck then. Well, that certainly is good news! This does give me a chance to rest and heal from all the trauma my head has been through!

The Website-

You may have already noticed that the Trip Journal has been brought up to date. Yes, I finally got the time to get it done. You may also notice some changes to different parts of the website in the next few days. Before you panic and scream you can’t find something, remember, everything can be reached through the main menu bar up top. I am trying to lighten the load on the front page which has been a serious issue; we were trying to load too much information directly on one page. This has brought our Google ranking waaaay down, and we don’t want that! Be warned, that while I make the minor changes this weekend, there will be a point that I will put the website in maintenance mode for some of the bigger changes. Yes, I know, everybody hates change, but I really think you will like it in the longrun, should be faster, and actually you might like it better and be able to move more easily throughout the website! Just some food for thought, if we never updated or changed the website throughout the years (since 2008) you would have virtually nothing you see and enjoy today. Technology evolves, coding changes, websites change, everything progresses. In fact, I really think ya gonna like it better:)

Ok, that’s enough news for today. Enjoy your weekend!