Afternoon everyone. We have our next two trips lined up. First one is posted but doesn’t deliver until very early Monday morning. We will head to Rochelle to pick up our load then spend a night at the house. Also, the new photography website now has the New Mexico galleries opened up!

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Howdy! We are currently waiting for our next trip. While waiting, I just brought the Trip Journal up to date:)

So, our delivery appointment was 2200 last night but we arrived very early and parked on the street outside the delivery gate. I had read the horrible reviews left by other truckers about this location so was concerned it was going to be a difficult night ahead. As the storms came and went, a car pulled up about two hours before my appointment and told me to go ahead in and get a door. While they didn’t actually start unloading until the scheduled time, it was still very nice they came out and got me in a door early. Once they started unloading, we were back out on the street with signed bills in hand just two hours later. Not bad in my book!

As soon as we get more information about our next trip, I’ll let ya know! BTW, if you go to the Merchandise Store, please take note of the important message about International orders…. seems that New York is holding all packages both in and outbound from most countries.

Morning! We are currently waiting for any new freight bookings but I’m not so sure it will happen today. Lots of strange happenings lately that have turned “normal” upside down… As soon as I get notified about the next trip, I’ll pass along the information. Many thanks for the compliments and comments about the new Mash It Store. Orders are usually packed each weekend and shipped every Monday.

Howdy! Here it is just after midnight and I’m finally done for the day at 13.5 hours after we started this morning. Basically, we left from Belvidere and ran down to our shipper in Rochelle. We had to sit a bit then made a drop and hook delivery in Joliet, Illinois. After we got done with that local run, we headed to the Blue Beacon for a trailer washout. Then, we ran back to Belvidere to load once again. Just now got things all sorted and finished for the night. Let’s get a ten hour break in then hit the road towards our delivery in Opelika, Alabama!

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The New Mash It Merchandise Store will open up at 2200 Central time June 2, 2020. That’s about 20 minutes from now!

The store has been rebuilt from the ground up. Tons of design changes and new products. Dynamic pricing when you buy several of an item since my biggest expense is shipping, I pass the savings onto you.

Search around for the new items and you just might something on sale!

Calendars are already printed and ready for shipping for the 2021 year.

Several new drinkwares available plus even more to come in the near future.

What’s in your wallet? I mean Pocket? Add the BigRigTravels Membership card to yours today! (I can’t use the slogan already taken)

While I do not anticipate any problems with the new store, if you happen to find a bug, just let me know using the new email dedicated to the store operations… you can find the address at the top of the new store if you forget.

Have fun, and look for savings in your cart! The store link has already been added back to the main website menu…

Well, it looks like we completely vanished from the broadcast. We were doing just fine and when we pulled into the Love’s truckstop for fuel, the stream stopped. We got fuel and tried restarting the broadcast but we just couldn’t connect. Figuring it was a bad area, we tried several more times about every 20 miles or so. I also kept dropping phone calls and getting error recordings from Verizon. We have stopped for the night just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and hopefully things will reset and we can begin broadcasting in the morning. We drove through alot of heavy rain and poor visibility so maybe that had something to do with it.

Numbers for today, we covered 231 miles, got loaded (after they took forever), and have 12 hours left on our 70 and gain back 9.5 tonight. Since we left the shipper, we are currently running 10.8 mpg

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Howdy! We finally got rid of that load this morning. We do have our next trip posted but we never got any solid loading appointment. We showed up anyway hoping to talk them into telling us what is going on. I did find out it will be only two pallets, but that the product isn’t at their warehouse yet. Well, we decided to go ahead and head to the truckstop on the westside of Atlanta. Once we got here, we learned we now have a solid loading appointment for tomorrow morning. Good deal, should be a quick loading process, I mean, two pallets, what could possibly go wrong? …

See ya in the morning!

Almost to delivery which takes place Tuesday morning.

Just 227 more miles to go before we can get rid of this long run. The real delivery information is still elusive to us and I’m not sure why, but oh well. Everyday we have hit our 70 hour maximum so that’s all we can do. See ya in the morning!

Morning from the top of the hills in Prosser, Washington! After a crazy day yesterday, we are now sitting at the shipper waiting for them to open up so we can get loaded and start the trip to Alabama. Because we are going to be hitting our 70 hour clock every day, we may end up giving this load to another driver somewhere along the way. I’d like to make it all the way of course, but tight schedules and low driving hours dictate what actually happens. It sure was a beautiful drive through this whole area of Oregon and Washington yesterday and even though we had no signal once we left Biggs Junction right on the Columbia River, we did record all the way to Toppenish and will have those videos uploaded soon. Btw, I did record a short video of a very long windmill blade turning through an intersection in Biggs Junction if interested…