Run run run as we keep hitting our 14 hour clock each day! Remember our drive yesterday on US Highway 151 was nice with no snow on the ground? Look again, we had some heavy snow come through the area last night so today’s drive will be a white one!

The planners have been giving us trips that are already running behind when they assign them to us lately so that is why we keep hitting that daily hour limit. So far the customers have been working with us and for that I’m glad.

Important note for anyone who purchased from the BigRigTravels store… The guy who volunteers his time to package up and ship out your items has been sick this week. Because so many orders come in, he agreed to make a weekly trip to the post office each Monday. It would be unfair to tell a volunteer to make a trip everyday since he too has a life outside of If you ordered from the store after March 3rd, your order would normally have been shipped out this week. I apologize for any delays and your order will be mailed out as soon as he can. You will get an email when your order goes from it’s current state of processing to complete, which means it actually got mailed. Please have patience.

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Howdy! It’s good to be running the roads again. All truck services are completed for the next 90 days. We will drag our feet to our delivery and hope they will take us early.

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Well we arrived at the shop Wednesday to get all of our truck services accomplished. While we were scheduled for Wednesday, the shop boss informed me we wouldn’t get in the shop until Friday morning. They did take the truck at 6am today and have been working on it. They did find a bad cab shock mount and are replacing that as well. We did get our restart finished so as soon as they release the truck we can see where our next trip takes us.

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Good Wednesday morning from our delivery docks in Manchester, Pennsylvania. What a nice long trip we had from one end of the country to the other. Lots of miles covered in a short amount of time. Once we get done unloading here, off to the shop we will go for the standard oil change, and regular maintenance for the truck. We will also use this time for a 34 hour restart so we can do more heavy driving.

Over the next day or two, you may notice a few glitches regarding the YouTube videos on the website. Apparently, YouTube doesn’t like the way we are embedding the videos and they have asked me to change a few things. Strange thing is, I use the very same codes that I always have and they come directly from YouTube itself. Well, actually it’s a bit more involved than that since we do pull channel data to display on our website too. No worries, I will get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Avoca, Iowa. We started off this morning in Sinclair, Wyoming and got up early to get ahead of the big winter storm that was supposed to hit Wyoming with heavy snow and high winds making for a terrible blizzard. We managed to stay just ahead of it and got out from under the cloud cover pretty much at the Wyoming and Nebraska state line, which is also where our truck turned over 100,000 miles on it!

Our goal the last few days has been 600+ miles per day in order to make this trip happen on time. Yesterday we managed to fit in 654.2 iles and today we ran harder and got a total of 677.8 under our belt. We are doing fantastic, but we are not out of the woods just yet. Monday morning we will look for that magic number of 600 or more miles and keep rolling hard. We still have alot of mountains and hills in Pennsylvania to handle as well. Thanks for inviting me in your home this weekend and we will keep on keeping on tomorrow as well!

Y’all ready for a nice long adventure? This is the reason we had to do the mid-trip restart while we watched Mount Shasta for a day and a half. The schedule is going to be pretty tight so expect some long days ahead as we roll basically from one end of America to the other. By the way, every now and then we get to enjoy some fantastic scenery when we roll along the Columbia River in Oregon on Interstate 84. Sometimes we get to see the big tow boats pushing the barges. This last trip through, I mentioned seeing a Tidewater Tow Boat. Ever wonder what life is like running barges up and down the Columbia River? Thought you might like this insider look…

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Good afternoon to everyone! We started off in Weed, California this morning in the wee early hours before the sun came up and waved goodbye to Mount Shasta as we headed South on Interstate 5 towards our delivery in Stockton. We made the delivery easy enough then went right to our next shipper where they live loaded us. We are now parked for the day and will make a short 16 mile hop to deliver it Friday morning at 5am. Once done there, we will run on over to our ext shipper as we prepare for our longest trip in quite some time.

One website addition I promised ya’ll is a page that lists some of my favorie videos I have found on YouTube. Some are documentaries about places we have traveled through, some historic worth learning about, and some very relaxing extended length videos complete with music and outstanding scenery. Go ahead and take a look. You can find that page under the Video Vault in the menubar. As e come across more videos, I will post them to that page so you will have something good to watch on days that we are not broadcasting. Enjoy!

Good Wednesday morning from the best viewpoint of Mount Shasta in California! We have been wide awake and working – well sort of – doing research and full thought processing, all before our first cup of coffee! (I wonder how that is gonna turn out!) Actually, we are going to delay our departure towards our delivery. Why? Read on…

Ok now that I have coffee, let’s explain what we have decided to do. Since we were able to get loaded about 12 hours early from the shipper we are now way ahead of schedule. Normally when that happens we try to get the delivery to take us early as well. It so happens that our delivery with this load will NOT allow us to go in early. With this in mind, yesterday we decided to split the trip into two easy half days, but – then – I did research. Got your helmet on?

We can actually fit a 34 hour restart into this trip. We can sit until 1am Thursday morning and get a complete full set of 70 hours back. We can roll the remaining 300 miles to delivery and be there before they even open! With the new set of hours, we won’t be hitting the clock so hard. In fact, we already have a 2500+ mile trip lined up that could only be accomplished if we had a several full days worth of hours, such as what you get with a restart. See the grand plan now? Sure, nobody likes driving at night and you guys can’t see anything except the headlights, but it is a fair trade off for the ability to get much longer trips.

Rest up today and prepare for the BigRigTravels “Midnight California Express”!

Good afternoon everyone. We have a loading appointment of 1130pm tonight but have arrived at the customer about 12 hours early. We checked in and they already put us in a door. Just because we are in a door doesn’t necessarily mean they will put product into the trailer just yet, but it is a good sign that we may be hitting the road today. Stay tuned for more details as I learn about them.

Morning to you as we start off the day looking at the sun coming up over Mount Shasta in California. Today we will run North on US 97 through California, Oregon and Washington. Some fantastic backroads scenery coming up as well as a few buffer areas. We will hard record the areas of no signal if possible. We head straight into the delivery.

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