Welcome to beautiful Texas! The sun is out, perfect temperatures, low humidity, and a slight breeze! We woke up early to get down to the Houston area for our two deliveries…..

We are stopped for today and will continue on tomorrow. I just can’t go anymore today. I am worn OUT.

Today has been very busy and full of problems with timing and doing what 6 other people want, and trying to mesh that with what I can do legally. LOL

I was very surprised this morning when we rolled into our delivery at 630am…..I backed into the dock door to unload and I was second in line to check in and hand over my paperwork. An unloader asked if I was from a certain shipper, and I told him yes. While the office guy was checking us in, that unloader told him they were FINISHED unloading my truck and to sign me OUT. WOW, I have been unloaded FAST, but in ten minutes, even before I had a chance to go back to the truck to wait? And the most incredible thing was – it was at a GROCERY warehouse – you know, the places that usually take 6 hours to unload???

We are making our way down to Houston and will deliver as soon as I can get there. Then off to Le Porte, Texas. Then who knows……..?

See ya bright and early in the morning! Enjoy the view of the truckstop today:)

Not much time to write just yet, we have been running hard and running into problems left and right@!

Talk more later….. Route change

Welcome to the noisiest place on the CB ever! We are going to stop here in West Memphis, Arkansas just across the river from Memphis, Tennessee.

We had a full day of rain and we will make our delivery tomorrow morning then zoom right off to load at our next shipper. We are inching our way down to Texas!

Good morning! Decent night, cool, damp. We made it back to Effingham for a washout, then fuel and truck on up to Champaign. I remember arriving in Champaign, Illinois many years ago as a young airman heading for school at Chanute AFB in Rantoul!

Yes!! This place let us leave 30 minutes after our appointment. Unbelievable! No problems with delivery and we are camping out for the rest of the night. We start our next trip in the morning as we look for a trailer washout, trailer fuel, and the shipper!

We found the rain! Good backroad driving today and we made it to a truckstop near our delivery. Now, we just wait until they let us in….

Tons of storms lastnight and  it sure left a mess of sinus headaches for me. You would think the rain would wash out the junk in the air, not add to it!

We have our next trip lined up……inching closer to Texas!!!

OK, so we finished with our previous trouble trip, yanked out an empty, got that washed and now made it to our next shipper. This trip is not working out as advertised either. The timing is just perfectly off to make it a big mess. I am still not sure how I am going to work the details out on this. One way, we have too much time. Another way, we get cramped for travel time. Either way, all problems could be solved if there was parking at the customers…

Well, we arrived too late yesterday because we had trouble getting an empty trailer. We arrived this morning and found out we do not have the correct pickup numbers, therefore, we cannot even check in yet. Still waiting for more information so we can check in, get loaded, then roll down to delivery. Who knew a small 200 mile trip each way was going to be such a big deal? My original plan was to leave Rochelle yesterday morning, pickup AND deliver all in one day! So much for MY plans!

We found an empty trailer but by the time we reached Plover the shipper they were closed. We will take care of business in the morning starting off with a trailer washout. Not sure if this will be a live load or preloaded trip. See ya in the morning!