Morning gang! We are doing some running around this morning. We already got rid of our ugly old trailer with the roll up door but there is only one available refrigeration trailer in this whole region…and it has a dead trailer reefer battery. Working with the weekend road service folks to get this fixed then we can head on to the shipper to get loaded. Hang in there, we will tackle this problem as we do everything else that comes our way.

I was hoping I’d have an update for you by now, but I don’t. So what exactly happened? The delivery appointment we had was 7am Friday. We rolled up to the gate about twenty minutes early and the receivers refused the entire trailer because this old trailer we have has the old style roll door on the back instead of the regular swing out doors. They claim the new warehouse they are in doesn’t allow proper fitting of the trailer. They also claim their forklifts are too high and won’t fit inside the trailer. Remember, we picked up this trailer originally from Aurora, Illinois and it was already preloaded for us when we arrived. We have also accomplished two other full trips with this same trailer. Regardless of the circumstances, end result is full load refusal. They want their product transloaded on to another newer trailer. The delay seems to be centered around getting permission to break the original shipping seal, where to find a newer swing door trailer, finding the manpower and equipment needed to make the move. All the bosses have been working on a solution since this morning so all we can do is wait. At this time, we still are scheduled to reload for our next trip from this same building we are waiting to deliver to. As soon as I get more updates, I’ll let ya’ll know.

Oops! So we had several trips all lined up and we have been busy with one trip after another. All short but as I mentioned before, not everybody that needs food and supplies lives 1,500 miles from the shippers. Local folks and regional customers require food too ya know.

So, why lookout below? Well the stack of trips just came tumbling down due to a scheduling error at our delivery. This morning we arrived at the delivery location in Fort Wayne, Indiana but we were sent to the wrong warehouse. We had already been sitting in the door to the first warehouse an hour before they told us we didn’t belong there. We have since moved to another warehouse building but since they didn’t have us on their schedule, we are being considered a work in meaning they will get to us when they can. The unloaders already informed me to start cooking lunch and make plans for dinner too! haha. So the stack of trips just came tumbling down since there is no way we will reach our next shipper in time, and definitely no hope of making the next trip deliver on time. Not sure of the plans just yet concerning if the next appointments get moved or if we will lose the trips altogether but as soon as I find something out, I’ll let ya know. As of now, we haven’t even started to unload our current trip yet…..

Good Sunday morning to all. If you were watching the broadcast Saturday and sat in line with us while we were waiting to get the trailer washed out at the Blue Beacon in Haw River, North Carolina, you got a glimpse of “the food dude”. Actually, that was a man named Brett and he walked up to the truck and handed us a free lunch! I got out and talked with him a bit and found out that he and his family made 100 meals and were handing them out to the truckers. While truckers are rolling throughout the nation to restock store shelves and rush medical supplies to where they are needed, folks such as Brett and his family are keeping the truckers fed and rolling as well. On behalf of all the truckers you and your family have fed on Saturday, I sincerely thank you! I appreciate you and your family for looking out for us.

Good evening from the delivery in Sanford, North Carolina. We loaded up this morning then ran straight here to deliver. Our actual delivery appointment was set for Saturday morning at 7am but because it would make our next trip impossible, they agreed to let us into delivery tonight. We have dropped our trailer and sometime tonight they will unload it and we will be free to go in the morning towards the next trip which is now posted. Here’s a couple of things to remember…..

First, we may not go exactly the way the trip maps are drawn. Sometimes, especially when the backroads are involved, it isn’t always clear cut until I get in the area and deal with things as they unfold. Other times, deviations occur because our fuel locations change. Remember, I may not always have the time to adjust and redraw the map every time it changes. Just enjoy the ride and relax, and don’t get all caught up in finding every little fault or discrepancy with the trips, routes, when I depart, when or where I take breaks, etc. I do things for a reason such as making the timing work for other loads, work with customers and who will or will not take us early or late and all that. Remember, trucking changes in an instant and I have to attend to business first – not play with the website. As it is, we already provide you with way more information than any other trucking website in the world (to those that are willing to help themselves and find it)! Be happy with that!

Another thing to consider, is the signal quality and buffering. We broadcast at 720×1280 period. We can’t go higher quality than that through a mobile device. Signal is always dependent upon cell tower availability and congestion as well as terrain and all the regular things that can affect quality. Guess what? It does take “two to tango” meaning if you experience buffering, it isn’t always on my end. Your device must download the video stream as well so it may be your towers being congested or your location, or even how many other things you have your device doing at the time.

During this time of social distancing, and people working from home remember there is now way more bandwidth being used up all around the world. People are staying home and doing Facebook, watching videos, streaming Netflix, Disney, YouTube, etc. This means there is a lot less tower bandwidth and more congestion for us to broadcast – and less for you to download our stream to your device. Have patience, realize what’s going on, and enjoy what you can. If things get too bad and we are not able to broadcast, remember you can watch the snowman and the GPS data is still available, or check out some of our archived streams.

Good afternoon to ya! What a beautiful day here in Georgia! The sun is out, we have the windows open,and there is just a slight breeze with the smell of fresh blossoms from the trees.
We are waiting for our next load to be ready but it is not even scheduled to be started until late tonight. At that point, we will just pick it up in the morning then drop it over in Mississippi Alabama tomorrow afternoon.

(Haha, edit because somebody told me we were not going to Mississippi. Our next trip after this was supposed to go to Mississippi, but got cancelled by the customer.)

Howdy and welcome to Georgia! We have decided to stop just North of Atlanta because we cannot drop this trailer at our delivery before 9 pm Tuesday night but we have a window until Wednesday night at 9pm. Making the delivery tonight at 9pm would mean a very hard time finding parking that late since Atlanta has very limited parking to begin with muchless that late at night. We will head on down Wednesday morning and drop this then bobtail out until Thursday morning when we pick up another already loaded trailer from the same location. Things might change where we can load up earlier, but it is all we know at this point.

Earlier in the week we met two Road Crew in Ohio and you can check out the latest Road Crew inductees by going to the Road Crew Gallery using the menu bar above!

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Morning! We have a slight delay this morning. Since it is cold outside currently, I decided to use the bunk heater to keep warm. Basically, the bunk heater keeps the truck inside warm without keeping the truck running idle and wasting fuel. Normally, that works just fine. Today, we woke up to everything dead and no battery power to start. And yup, it’s still cold if not colder with snow supposedly on the way. The nearest truck mobile repair that can come give us a jump is 92 miles away!! In the meantime, since we have an empty trailer, I have decided to turn on the reefer and set it on 80 so I can keep warm in the trailer at least! I am not really impressed with the new way they set up using heat overnight. Our old 2016 never had problems using the bunk heater, but I have heard many drivers complaining about the 2019 and 2020 cascadia bunk heaters only work while the truck actually runs….which pretty much makes it useless. If the truck runs, you might as well use the whole truck heater instead of just the bunk heater at that point.

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Again! Welcome back to the BigRigTravels Adventure! We had a good time off, but it was too cold and snowy and wet to get much yard work done and ready for the planting season, but we did get some grilling in. Aunt Jemima also did some grilled cheetos and you can see proof of it by going to the blog and looking at the right side Instagram photos. Also there, you can get a sneak preview at one of several new products that are coming to the BigRigTravels Store!

Lots of empty store shelves as you know, so, since we drag a temperature controlled trailer behind us and we haul 85% food products, we should be busy for awhile now. Jump aboard and go on a trip with BigRigSteve!

The 2020 Trip Journal has finally be updated now as well for your reading pleasure…

Afternoon gang! The weather was warming up last few days before I took time off so I was excited about getting to prepare the garden and do some yard work finally. Instead, yesterday it started snowing and sleeping! It completely covered the ground again. This morning we are back above freezing but just barely. At least the new snow is disappearing again. I will try to do some grilling for the truck freezer shortly. I did go to buy groceries yesterday but ALL the meats shelves were 99% cleared out! Good thing I have a big freezer in the basement that I stored my meats when I would find great sale prices.

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