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  1. Hello, love your channel, I am also a trucker, I run in the Southeast, I was always afraid of the west and the elevations, but after watching your channel, I haul Amazon,
    I own my own truck, I think I’d like to come west, the roads look decent, I don’t think it will be hard on my truck – thanks

  2. When you get done in Tolleson, Az. If you have time I would like to meet you for a couple minutes. Thank you.

  3. I would like to know how other drivers respond to you when they meet you and discover who you are. Are most drivers familiar with Big Rig Travels?

    1. very rare other truckers know about us.

  4. Love watching your shows and going places where never been before

  5. Wishing big Steve A safe Trip today and our prayers go out to him and all of the other Truckers that are on the Road.

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