Glad it’s done!

Early morning to ya! We finally got rid of our load and delivered it safely. We have been running into our 70 hour clock every day. What should have been an easy two day run ended up stretching over three days, a 70 hour violation and night driving which I didn’t like! Regardless, it was a safe trip with some fantastic springtime views throughout the mountains in California. We dropped our loaded trailer but they had no available empty trailers so we are sitting bobtail at the truck stop until the bosses come in and decide what happens next. As of right now we only have 5.5 hours on our 70 and on Saturday we gain just another 5 hours so we will be very limited in what we can do. As soon as I hear of our next plan, I’ll let ya know.

New records twice!

Good Wednesday morning from California! We have been reaching and hoping to break the 1,000+ simultaneous broadcast viewers this year and we did it not once but two different times yesterday!! Our new official record from YouTube is 1,251! Wow, I know yesterday was a great day for driving with light traffic, mountains and springtime wildflowers but what else happened? It’s great to see folks spreading the word!

We are coming up short on our 70 hour clock again today. This morning we are starting off with only 6 hours and 8 minutes on our clock but do gain back 11 hours tomorrow. Let’s see what we can do today.

Phoenix Sunday Night Update…

While we wait to unload at the first delivery, here is this weekend’s Sunday video.


We lost signal coming down Chiriaco Summit and found overnight parking at the Love’s truckstop in Coachella. We deliver Monday morning at 7am so once again we will have a very early start to our day. Great day today overall. Our first delivery was scheduled by the customer for today, but guess they forgot they were closed! Just before I was going to leave, one lone worker showed up and unloaded us.

We hit an all time official record of simultaneous viewers during today’s broadcast.

  • Today’s Numbers…
  • 120 miles left to final delivery
  • 452.3 miles driven today
  • 4hr48min left on 70hr clock
  • Gain back 7hr11min after midnight
  • 8.2 total trip average mpg so far

Arizona lizzards

Howdy and welcome to Arizona. We started this morning about 330am by hooking up to our load at the shipper in Hyrum, Utah. We then headed South on Interstate 15 then jumped over Sandy Peak and the mountains then ran South of US Highway 89 through some amazing geologic formations, humongous mesas, and rich red rocks. We broadcast what we had signal for and hard recorded some areas.

We will leave here about 330am Pacific time so we can get to Flagstaff and Phoenix in time to make our first delivery. Here’s the numbers for today’s drive:

  • 547.8 miles driven
  • Parked with just 40 minutes left on our 14 hour clock
  • We have 3hrs 43min left on our 70 hour clock but gain 11hrs Sunday morning to use.
  • MPG for this trip so far is 7.7

Howdy from Utah! Update…

Good Friday to everyone. We are currently sitting in line at the delivery location. Man, what a nice surprise this trip has been! I was fully expecting this trip to be run overnight because the original loading appointment wasn’t until 1130pm. Much to my surprise it was ready and waiting for us about noon so we were able to run this trip during banker’s hours 🙂

No next trip just yet, but we will see what happens as we get unloaded. As soon as I know what our next trip is going to be and our plans, I’ll let ya know.

Update… next trip is posted. We ran to the shipper in hopes it would be ready earlier that the 11pm scheduled time. Nope, it isn’t ready and they haven’t even started it yet. Since we started so early in Echo, Utah this morning for our previous delivery, we are running very short on the 14 hour clock. This looks like it will be an overnight run tonight. As soon as we get the call that the load is ready, we will begin our run towards California.

Nebraska Nights

Morning! We will head to the shipper in just a few minutes. Our appointment is not until 11pm tonight,  and once loaded, we will have to run towards Utah as fast as we can. Yup, this means overnight drives. Now, we could be lucky and it be ready earlier than 11pm, but we have to always plan on the worst situation but hope for the best.

Sunday in Nebraska

UPDATE… apparently, this post never even got published this morning, evn though it was supposed to be. Oh well, now ya can read it. BTW, today’s numbers are: 349 miles driven today, 46 hours left on the 70 hour clock. We deliver Monday morning.

Good Sunday morning. Today we are just kinda dragging our feet through Nebraska and then dropping down into Colorado since we can’t even deliver until Monday morning. Enjoy the broadcasting while you can since it is very spotty signal area once we take Interstate 76 just past Big Spring.

Woohoo Back in the saddle

Good Friday morning to everybody . We are back in the saddle again. We have already completed our first trip even though it was a very short one we still got one done already. We do have our next trip which loads out of the exact same building that we delivered to this morning, but it will not be ready until after 2 p.m. today. I sure did not enjoy getting up at 2:30 a.m. to do our first trip but now that it is out of the way I guess it was worth it. Droopy soggy misty morning but at least it isn’t winter snow. So just hang out a little bit longer while we wait for our loading appointment this afternoon then we will hit the highway once again.

Is it Spring yet??

Good Sunday morning. We are just kinda being lazy this morning since the allergies are pretty active the last few days. We deliver at 4pm so we really weren’t motivated to get rolling just to sit at the other end by the customer. We will roll shortly. Here is this week’s video

Salute from Canada!

Good Friday morning Road Crew! It’s a wet morning as we sit in the dock door unloading our current trip. Once done here, we have another trip and will head directly to the next shipper to load in Memphis, Tennessee!

Many thanks goes to Dale Couprie from the Bowling Depot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for giving a “5 Pin Salute” to truckers and BigRigTravels plus the other folks working through the current times. Many thanks Dale, I appreciate you! You can visit their website at