Alabama sunshine

Good afternoon Road Crew! We finished up our delivery about 4am and took a nap. Our next loading appointment is scheduled for exactly midnight tonight but reading the reviews many drivers reported they showed up earlier and got loaded, so we will try that ourselves.

We will be trying a new platform for our broadcasts today. I have used them for our Road Crew Radio streams and love it. Now we will try out the mobile version. I want to get a few days testing in before paying the monthly subscription charge to use it to make sure it can handle long distance driving and buffer zones. Please let me know about quality or any other details using the new platform.

One hour

Afternoon gang! We have our loaded trailer that we just swapped and have scaled our load. Since we woke up early this morning and had to drive 135 miles to our delivery then drive to the shipper, we are left with basically 1hr and 20 minutes. That really isn’t enough time to get down the street far enough to make a difference. We have an open delivery window tomorrow so we will run the whole 530 miles tomorrow. We gain back 11.5 hours tomorrow so we will have no problem making it on time. See ya on the dash for the Freaky Friday Georgia Run!

Almost there!

We are scooting across America as we roll from Idaho to Illinois. Sunday night we covered 575 miles and we only have 530 to go! Long days this week and we are rapidly using our 70 hours up! Congratulations to Tom Allen as the winner of the frog contest for being the first to email me what I spotted wrong with another truck as we rolled into a rest area in Utah yesterday!

Restart and Updates

Howdy and just a few updates and a Sunday Song…. We used up all but 6 hours of our 70 hour clock in just a week! Last weekend we had to restart in Richmond, Virginia and now we are resetting the clock in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a loading appointment at 2am Monday and then it will have to be another overnight express run I’m afraid if we want to make ontime delivery Tuesday morning! Very glad to get all the feedback about the quality of the bobbleheads! It was worth the wait to find a quality producer for our custom collector’s item!

lost at sea

Oh boy. Yesterday we had so many problems with multiple trips all running in the same time slots. Then the load we did get, the shipper was halfway done loading us when they started pulling it off our truck to put on another truck. Then, we were told an hour later to go back to the dock and they loaded us again with the same freight. We stayed overnight in Baltimore, Maryland and made the delivery just 15 minutes late.

Now today, we had a local 35 mile run, but when we got to the delivery they refused it because everyone goes home at 11am! They couldn’t even find us on the delivery schedule. We drove back to the droplot to leave this load exactly where we picked it up from earlier this afternoon. The new delivery appointment is set for Monday!! Nope, we won’t sit that long.

Currently, we have 7 preset trips and not a single one of them makes any sense at all. Waiting for someone somewhere to start thinking. As soon as I get a trip we can work with, we will update the website.

Remember to leave reviews about your bobblehead or other store items. Simply go to the store, click on the item you bought, scroll down to reviews section and leave your star rating and comments please. Many thanks for all the bobblehead orders! If you were charged for the free squishy stress truck offer, the price of it has now been refunded to the way you paid (Amazon, creditcard, etc)

Special Broadcast

Update! In case you missed the short broadcast, here is what we have new in the store! A limited Edition BigRigSteve Bobblehead! You can get the details below and in the store. If you purchase in the next 24 hours, before 1800 October 9th, we will include a bigrig squishy truck free of charge! IN the event you do get charged for the squishy truck, no fear, we will refund the price of it to you. The coupon doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

HOWDY! Man, been busy with like 82 things of course, only half going as planned lol. I did promise a special broadcast for you, so we will do it tonight at 6pm Central time. We just never have enough time to do everything in just 4 days every six weeks. I haven’t even started the grill yet! See you at 6pm tonight!


Good evening from Brush, Colorado. If you haven’t noticed yetht, our trip has changed. We are now going to drop this in Denver so another driver can use it to get to his home in Utah. We also have some business stuff to do since we just hit our 14th year of driving!! Wednesday morning we will finish up the last 95 miles or so and that will be it for tomorrow. There are several things in progress but we will let you know when things get finalized.

The numbers for today are… 579.8 miles driven, 4hr10min left on 70hr clock. Gain back 8hr44min tomorrow.