This is the trip information for the 2020 year.

Trips Completed

Actual YTD Mileage

States Visited

Counties Visited

Total Pounds Hauled

Trips have been sorted according to month we delivered it.

42 thoughts on “2020 Trip Journal

  1. Hi again Steve, just checked out the trip journal for 2020 and I like it but would miss not knowing what it was you where hauling to the customer. That is a cool put of the trip journal to me.

  2. I like it Steve, got all the information as before plus some cool info that the other format didn’t have. I like the new design of the web site, everything that a person needs to know is right here with pop-down menu’s. Great job….

  3. I really like it Steve and with the addition of the map it is more how I imagined it when I first suggested it. ….and the 2019 totals really bring it home how much/hard you really work..

  4. I really like the old format. A single line of all critical info for a quick review. But I really like the additional info included in the new format especially the map.
    Just a thought though, I am thinking this new format will take you longer to update and when you get busy the trip journal is low priority (rightfully so).
    I do work very hard at being patient and not bug you for updates. 🙂

  5. Over weight trailer, the other driver moved the trailer wheels to have less weight on the parking stand? Or purposely tried to set up the next driver for a ticket?

  6. I like the new 2020 trip journal format over the 2019 format, especially including the trip map and the YouTube videos associated with the trip.

  7. This is fantastic! Love the new design and additional info provided. Here’s to safe and prosperous 2020. Thanks for the ride Steve!

  8. hi steve

    is there any follow up too this Delivery? has its still listed has pending any way you can find out what ever happen too it so you can update that info ?

    Pick up was a LIVE load and even though late arrival, they loaded us very quickly
    Delivery is pending….(bad tires delay missed delivery appointment)
    Cargo weight: 32,372
    Temperature: -10F
    Freight: Vegetables Bags

      1. But it dos not talk about if it ever got Deliver or not has Steve had to repower that load and had other driver do the delivery if it ever happen

        That why I was asking Steve if he had a follow up on that trip and see if it ever made it too deliver So the statues on it can be updated from pending still too deliver

  9. Really like the new format Steve. Trip map is a nice touch and reminds me of which trip it was since I am getting older and brain cells ar not as sharp as they used to be. Thanks for this. I like it better than the old format.

  10. Steve found his laptop adapter. Trip journal looks good. Ice cream bars for Disneyland. Are they mouse shaped? Thanks Steve.

  11. I enjoy watching these videos . For one thing, they are my “travel escape” during this plague, since we really can’t go anywhere. I love the chat as well, and appreciate the hard work the mods do to keep it family oriented and safe.

    Also, my first job out of college in the 1980s was working for the best boss in the world, at a perishables freight company. Even after all these decades, sometimes I can correctly guess what products you are carrying because we moved the same freight from same point to point. These travels bring back good memories of a simpler time in my life. Thank you for sharing your work.

  12. When did you get the new truck? I just got back into watching since going over to 3rd shift and lost track of all that time.

  13. Hey Steve

    Hope you are doing well and keeping yourself healthy. I
    Know you have been running like a chicken with its head cut off but was wondering when the August trip
    Journals will get posted.

    Listen you take care, get a lot of rest and we look forward to many more road trips. Travel safe. I will say thus though….too bad truck stops dont have any place where you can plug into shore power. Would save you from running your generators all the time. Well take care!!

  14. New reader of your blog and videos. We are fulltime RVers and really appreciate the ability to checkout the drive during route planning. I’ve always had a high regard for truckers and do everything possible to be respectful and helpful while on the road. It’s a great feeling to be on a strange road, such as a detour and see a truck coming the other direction. I tell the wife there is a truck so we must be on a good road for our big rig. We will always extend the curtesy.

    Appreciate it,


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