Midnight Express

UPDATE: Well, in case you missed it, we are already standing by at the delivery in Mountville, Pennsylvania. The trailer we were waiting on came in early so we grabbed it and ran the backroads of PA72 and got parking at a truckstop right across the street from delivery. Also, I called them and they are willing to take me a few hours earlier than 1am, so now we are here just waiting. It sure was a great run with all two lane roads and close knit autumn trees!

Also, just learned a new way you can possibly help support the website. Go to the donation page and if you are looking for a new credit card, there are three referrals that can really benefit us if they are used. These are just links provided directly from the issuer, and I do not see any of oyur information, or even who applied. Just another way you can help if you choose to do so.

Good Sunday morning.  Our next trip is posted and is an overnight trip that delivers at 1am tonight.  Today is rest and relax so we can be wide awake tonight.  We do have our next trip which will take us towards the Bigrigtravels Warehouse so we can get your orders mailed out to ya!