Phoenix Running around

Howdy and good Saturday afternoon from Phoenix, Arizona. The last few days has been a little strange with changed trips, changed appointments, delays, etc. We have made our delivery in Phoenix from California, and have two local deliveries in the Phoenix Metroplex this weekend. The crummy thing is they both are late at night! (Think 11pm and 2am!) We have our third trip as well that picks up in the middle of the night Sunday. We will then get to head back Northwest from our current location for that delivery.

It sure is hot, our first 100F degree day this year! The snowman camera fails when it gets so hot and the sun is boiling the electronics….so as soon as the sun drops behind us I can turn it back on. Not sure about the next Radio Show just yet. Sure, I want to do one, but we will see how it goes. Even though there will be no broadcasting during these two local metro trips, I will still update the status bar under the trip sign.