Trips Completed

This is a table of all of the completed trips thus far in 2019.

You can use the arrows to sort the table as well as search for any information such as cities, states, etc. The YTD Actual mileage includes all miles driven in 2019 – even the trailer hunts, detours and such that are not counted as an “official trip”. This table is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.


Actual YTD Mileage

Run DatesOriginationShipperDeliveryTotal Trip
12Feb 9 -
Feb 10
Johnstown, New York Palmyra, Pennsylvania Rochelle, Illinois 104255F0Chocolate Rolos and kisses
11Feb 4 -
Feb 7
Denton, TexasDallas, TexasJohnstown, New York169534F0Groceries
10Jan 31 -
Feb 3
Layton, UtahOgden, UtahDenton, Texas1319-10F0sugar cookies
9Jan 28 -
Jan 30
Ontario, CaliforniaOntario, CaliforniaLayton, Utah68334F0lunchables
8Jan 27 -
Jan 27
Carson, CaliforniaOxnard, CaliforniaOntario, California197-10F0McDonald's beef
7Jan 21 -
Jan 27
Cherokee, IowaSchuyler, NebraskaCarson, California1677-10F0Export Beef
6Jan 18 -
Jan 21
Edwardsville, IllinoisEdwardsville, IllinoisCherokee, Iowa53255F0Easter chocolates
5Jan 16 -
Jan 18
Covington TWP, PennsylvaniaLancaster, PennsylvaniaEdwardsville, Illinois94455F0Twizzlers licorice
4Jan 14 -
Jan 16
Fairfield, OhioMount Sterling, KentuckyCovington TWP, Pennsylvania771-1F0Hot Pockets
3Jan 12 -
Jan 14
Rochelle, IllinoisRomeoville, IllinoisFairfield, Ohio38234F0McDonald's condiments
2Jan 4 -
Jan 6
Wintersville, OhioFindlay, OhioMadison, Wisconsin622off0Soups, V8 Juice
1Jan 3 -
Jan 4
Decatur, IndianaDecatur, IndianaWintersville, Ohio306-10F0Dairy Items

11 thoughts on “2019 Trip Journal

  1. This is really helpful Steve thank you also congratulations on you 11th anniversary and wishing you many more in good health!

  2. I’m going to love this because I like planning trips and I have to say the export means your truckload is meeting a container ship bound for overseas somewhere. That is pretty awesome stuff!

  3. The trip journal is certainly a neat idea, since it lets one see the details concerning the various loads.

    Also, Congratulations on eleven years of broadcasting from the open road, and here’s to many more!

  4. Здравствуйте! Живу в России, очень люблю смотреть ваши поездки, это всегда увлекательно, к сожаленью не удалось связать свою жизнь с дорогой, однако я тоже много ездил и как пассажир и как водитель маленькой машины. Желаю всего хорошего, у нас говорят – “ни гвоздя ни жезла” спасибо за Ваш канал. с уважением ко всем водителям грузовиков! Извините что по-Русски написал.

    Translated into…..
    Hello! I live in Russia, I love watching your trips, it is always fascinating, unfortunately I could not connect my life with the road, but I also traveled a lot as a passenger and as a driver of a small car. I wish you all the best, we say – “not a nail or a rod” thanks for your channel. with respect to all truck drivers! Sorry I wrote in Russian.

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