Great Day

How did ya like the first day back on the road? I actually had a great time. Friday we found an empty trailer on the first shot and it was fueled and already clean! We dragged it to the shipper for a live load appointment at 1pm and when we got there it was preloaded! We were able to swap trailers then go to the local truckstop and basically had an extra day off. Then Saturday morning we left and drove across Illinois and Indiana and made our delivery which was a drop whenever we got there. The empty we exchanged there needed a washout and fuel but wasn’t really too bad. We then dragged that one to the next shipper and had planned on just dropping it and waiting for our load to be ready about 11pm. Guess what? We arrived and our trailer was loaded and ready 6 hours early! We then were able to get a good headstart on the trip towards Virginia. I am surprised everything worked out today so easily.

We stopped for the night right on the Indiana and Ohio State line. Since I finally bought that huge freezer/refrigerator combo and had it stocked with $90 worth of groceries, I cooked up two fantastic hamburgers! I even had my own homemade ice cubes! I already love my new freezer. It is huge but holds so much in both compartments. I then got excited (maybe too much) and decided to rearrange and clean the truck up a bit. New flannel sheets, some scrub down of the walls and floor, good cabinet and pantry work and well, we have a pretty nice setup here! Sunday we will finish up the trip and the delivery is a drop and we can drop it as soon as we get there. The snow is clear, but it sure is cold now!

The trucking business will begin to pick up as we get closer to the holiday season, so be warned. We will be moving faster and faster until the end of the year. Tons of parties, food, holiday shopping and festivities are just around the corner.

Many thanks to all the Road Crew for purchasing the many BigRigTravels Store items. We are already selling out of some items so be sure to get all you want while we have plenty in stock. About 100 packages were mailed around the world in just two days, so if you ordered, expect it very soon if you have’t already gotten it. It sure feels great to be back on the road.

Here is this week’s Sunday Video selection……