Happy Father’s Day 

Howdy.  Yeah, I’m late playing on the blog. It’s been a long, rough day fighting with the mountains in Colorado and Utah. It’s been a beautiful ride and the weather couldn’t be better.  Hopefully you got to view some of the Rocky Mountains and Interstate 70 before the signals pretty much became extinct.  Usually,  we hold a decent broadcast quality signal,  but I  think the atmosphere and all the other tourists in the area took up the bandwidth we needed today. Hopefully snowman carried his weight today. 

We are just a few exits away from our delivery. We are cutting it so close on our 70 hour clock today that we won’t be able to drive there, check in, drop, hunt an empty, then fight for a parking spot before running out of time. That’s okay though since it really wasn’t due until tomorrow anyway! 

After delivery tomorrow morning,  we will head up to the shop in West Valley City for our 90 day BIT inspection required by the State of California.  We also have some other business to tend to while there. I would not count on any trips tomorrow.  

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! Thanks for teaching me how to be responsible and to do the right thing no matter what. Love ya!