Last day of 2017

Morning Road Crew!  We are unloading at the final delivery for 2017. When we get done here we will turn the cameras back on for one last two hour broadcast for the year. We will be taking a few days off. We have hit our 70 hours limit once again!  It has been a very busy holiday rush for us. Lots of problems it seemed like this time around but it’s coming to a close shortly.  Usually we have a big slowdown in freight in the first few months of the year so that will be a welcome relief!  I will probably make a vlog tonight or tomorrow for ya’ll. 


I am going to make this special post…about Wyoming.  For years now, we have been running East and West across Interstate 80 in our daily trucking adventures.  Occasionally we have gotten away from the big road and cut across the backroads and through some of the smaller towns across the Cowboy State. I came across this video that PBS made that gives you a fantastic aerial view of the entire State of Wyoming.  Excellent narration and video.  Perhaps you can tour Wyoming in a different way in the next few days since I won’t be driving… 

Trip swap

We terminated our trip here in Ogallala,  Nebraska and are swapping trailers with another driver.  The new trip from this point on has been posted. After final delivery in Sterling,  Illinois,  we will be required to take a 34 hour restart then go visit the doctor on January 3Rd…

Again,  nobody knows… 

Howdy.  Our load was supposed to be ready and preloaded and waiting on us. We arrived and now there are problems with the correct loading information and times. Now, the load supposedly won’t be ready until midnight!?   Not sure what is going on, will update as soon as I find out more. We have lost our next load because of this mess. It sure would be great if something actually worked out right for once!

34 hours

Morning!  OK, so we have been forced to take a 34 hour restart.  I’d rather be driving but the law won’t let us. Yesterday we drove the highest single day miles at 671 miles!!  We will start heading to Utah tomorrow morning with a fresh slate of 70 hours and two full days of driving. 

A few of you guys are sending me emails wondering where your shirts are. I have turned in the order to the printers. When they get them printed,  they will mail them to a place I can get them then I will sort them out and mail them out to you. Remember,  I’m not amazon with 2 day shipping!  I don’t have tons of shirts in the truck and easy access to a mailbox! Have patience please.  


Ok, so we dropped our loaded trailer at the delivery yesterday.  They had no empty trailers available so we went to several places to find an empty.  The only place we found a trailer at all had nine of them, but every single one had no reefer fuel and dead reefer batteries.  Ok, so the next plan was to drag one of those trailers to the shop here and get it jump started and primed. Well, shop won’t even look at it until Friday at the earliest!  So, we are waiting on word back from the great planners  to tell us where or what they want us to go to now…. Meanwhile,  we are already late for the next shipper loading appointment…


So yesterday we drove through the night after spending two days at the shop. Obviously we could not make delivery by 5am because of the delay at the shipper and stupidly tight schedule.  We missed the delivery appointment because we hit our 14 hour rule. I was hoping we would have the delivery rescheduled for this morning.  Nope, the delivery now takes place at 2am Saturday morning!  So, this is how our week looked….

Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday.  Shop, then overnight drive to delivery failure.  Thursday and Friday sit waiting on new delivery appointment.  

What a productive week, eh? We only get paid when the wheels turn and they sure aren’t this week! 


Ok gang. Looks like we have been released from the shop with new oil, alignment,  updates,  and ten new tires!  Ooooo don’t they look pretty!  We got 236,000 miles out of the first set!

We will load about 7pm tonight then turn on the cameras once again and broadcast our direct flight to Denver, Colorado!