We made our delivery this morning then afterwards met up with TeePee and I got free coffee and lemon donuts! It was a quick meeting though since we had to get the trailer washed and load the next shipper. They loaded us and sent us on our way in less than an hour! I sure wish more places did it that way. Tomorrow is going to be a very early start for us in order to make on time delivery in Atlanta! Let’s get some food then throw myself into the bed! Goodnight! BTW, thanks TP and very good to see ya again!

Two trips!

Good morning from muggy Alabama! We are sitting in our door being unloaded right now at our delivery in Clanton. Early start for us today but we struggled to get up. Last night about two hours after falling asleep I hear an alarm going off. You know, that obnoxious beep beep beep nonstop until you do something about it! Well I get up thinking it feels way too early already and find out it is only 11pm! Six hours before I had to get up! I found my screamie meanie alarm, looked at it, fumbled with the buttons, but that is not where the sound is coming from! I keep hearing it as I point my ears high and low and to different parts of the truck trying to find the noise! At first I thought it might be a malfunction with the power inverter, but nope. The beeping continues! I am fully awake now trying to find out what exactly keeps screaming at me…. Finally, I look at the Am/FM radio and see that it has an active alarm and that is what happened! Now, I am trying to turn it off. I never set it on purpose and I didn’t even know it had an alarm on it! How it got set I don’t know and what was worse, I could not figure out how to turn it off! The volume knob did nothing! I kept playing with the buttons and finally figured out enough to stop it. Hey, if I ever need it guess we found out I have a secondary alarm!

After this delivery we will meet up with TeePee for a quick cup of coffee then hunt down a trailer wash then see if we can get loaded early for the next trip. We already have our next two trips lined up so we will have a busy weekend ahead of us.