Welcome to Page, Arizona and the Lake Powell region! We have to stop for the day since we are getting close to our 14 hours again. Tomorrow morning we will try out a new temporary road that is a detour to US89 that had the big landslide which made a big mess and tore up the road. Since there was not much of a signal for broadcasting, I did record five videos and almost four hours of some of the most perfect scenery! I am having trouble right now uploading, but I will try again after I eat! See ya in the morning!

Muddy flap

Morning! Well it has been a slow morning! We picked up our loaded trailer this morning and had one heck of a time getting the tandem pins to release so we could move the tires. I also noticed that the mudflaps were missing so we are getting new ones put on right now. After this, we can roll until we get tired!