Well, not sure what to say. I was all proud and happy to show you folks about 200 miles of US Highway 29 as we rolled through the two lane roads of Virginia! I see that the protected script I use got stuck AGAIN! Not sure what I can do about it just yet. Remember, I have no way to tell if and when it works while I drive. I am going to have to come up with something. I can’t believe you missed out on some wonderful rolling hills with bright autumn colors and fantastic old farmsteads along the road.

We have our delivery very early tomorrow morning, then we start on our next trip! I hope you at least got to see something on the live video feed today!


Good Morning! Hope your Monday is going well. We are in our door to our first delivery being unloaded right now. When done here, we will be heading towards our final delivery in Virginia. It is way to early to be up and messing around! LOL

Remaining Road Crew items:  1 Medium Hoodie, 1 Large Grey Shirt, 7 Large White Shirts, 2 XL White Shirts…..