Busy Busy!

We have been moving since we left this morning! We made our drop at a yard in Jonestown, then had to go hunting for an empty. We found one at another location then went to the shipper and swapped trailers again since ours was preloaded and waiting on us. Then, we had to scoot on up to the delivery in Conklin, New York…..where we sit just across the river. We deliver tomorrow morning. Good thing too since we stopped with only a few minutes left on the clock once again!! Since we were so busy actually working and doing trucking business, I did not have time to adjust the protected area info. It worked as it was designed to do, but I didn’t have time to adjust it everytime we stopped because we haven’t stopped all day! Make sense? I know ya had to have been able to see something between Bethlehem and Conklin!?

Ok, here is your video for this Sunday. Our next trip will be extremely tight on our hours….let’s see if we can make it happen without having to ask for a repower. If we do it, we won’t have time to play. The good news is, we will be doing it with bare minimum hours gained back each day!!

Good morning

Good morning. We made it to the yard here but there are no empties for us to head to our next shipper with! If we do not find an empty soon, we will be late for our loading appointment! Ggrrr…hopefully the planners finish their cup of coffee soon and helps solve our problem!