Bump up!

Morning!  Well we were on a nice easy schedule for our delivery.  Nope, not now though.  The planners decided to bump up delivery by more than 27 hours!  Now, we must scoot along and mash it! 

Back to work! 

We are currently being bounced around and getting loaded with agricultural products!

I had a fantastic and awesome time on the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco,  California!  The hotel was literally just a block off the waterfront with everything you can imagine within easy walking distance!  There was way too much to do and see and I actually walked about 20 miles in the four days exploring! I will put up videos and photos when I get the chance of course.  Right now though,  we have to get back into the work groove.  Boo!!

Great Day at the Wharf!

I have been having a fantastic time here at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco! Great weather!

I have been doing two LIVE broadcasts as I walk around today so hope you enjoyed them. I am back at the hotel getting my batteries recharged – both personal and camera equipment!

Here are a few pics – so much to see not near enough time to do half of it!!



Late night, last push!

Afternoon , hopefully you enjoyed the perfect weather and scenery as we roll over the mountains and dropped into Sacramento,  California this morning.  We are parked about an hour away from the final delivery which takes place at 3am. Once done there, we will take the truck to the shop and get our 90 day California inspection done. We will take a few days off, and yes, visit the doctor.. .

learning curve

Evening! Well figured I’d make a post entry since it’s been a day or two. We have been hitting our 70 hour clock pretty hard as usual. We ran out of time in Barstow, California tonight so we will have to finish up the drive straight into delivery as soon as we get the hours back. After this delivery, we have our next trip lined up so we may very well run out of time again tomorrow right near here!

I took the 360 camera, segway, and my new 3 axis gimbal for a test spin around the truckstop tonight. I am still learning how to use that dang super sensitive gimbal, but it did pretty decent for the test video. This will allow me to do segway videos without the heavy bumps like before and now gives you a much higher view, not to mention a full 360 degree view in any direction!

Short day

Morning! Well, we made our delivery yesterday and had no problems with it. We scooted on over to the truckstop for the night and NAPPED!

We started this morning waiting in line for the trailer washout then ran over to Greeley, Colorado to be loaded at the shipper. We will have to shutdown in Wheatridge, Colorado since we will arrive there with less than an hour on our 70. Tomorrow we gain back 10,5 hours and that means tomorrow will be all mountains as we go up and down the Colorado Rockies! It will be a slow run since we will be very heavy!

Long day

Howdy.  Things change so quickly sometimes even I can’t keep up! We made our midnight delivery,  ran on over to Aurora to the next shipper, then fought off the fog monsters and made our second delivery for the day in Maquoketa, Iowa.  We started working on heading to the next shipper but ran short on our 14 hour clock for the day. When we tried to get fuel here in Davenport the fueling card processing center was having problems and could not authorize fuel. We will take our break, nap, then see what we can get done tonight.  The shipper has been notified I won’t make on-time loading so they agreed to take us as soon as we can legally get there. Nap time here, see Ya’ll tonight! 

Forgot to mention,  I have two XXL patriotic shirts still available…the only shirts left with the eagle and flag on the shoulders! Email me if you are interested!  $38.00 each, free shipping. 

Slip n Slide

Morning! Yesterday we had to shutdown due to winter storms over half of Montana. This morning the chain requirements have been lifted and the snow has stopped, so we will head on out. I am sure it will still be a big mess out there though. We have 10 hours available to us to use today so we will see where that puts us. We weigh 79880 pounds, and with the steep and constant hills, it won’t be as far as you think!

Yesterday we got paid a visit by Tony of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was a good visit and I’m always happy to hear from the road crew! Thanks for the meeting, Tony!

Like the Segway Adventures, Drone Flights, etc? Check out the Video Vault tab on the menu, I’ve been making it easier to find what you are looking for! More expansions on the way! That’s the good thing about having a day off, I can get work done on the website! BTW, the BigRigTravels Sidetracks Channel is being decommissioned in a few days. All videos from BigRigTravels will reside on the Live Channel. Yes, growing pains, but worth it in the long run. Let’s go play in Montana! No signal for awhile, but you can always check out the still image camera. It will not automatically refresh if you use Google Chrome. Right click save if you want to save any image. Hint..hint.. I’d save a few pics now and then if I were you… Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter,  I got things working again there as well!  So many things,  not enough time lol! Not following me on Twitter?  Doh! You gotta buy me coffee then! 🙂