Afternoon! We are finally unloading at our delivery in Olney, Illinois.  It sure was a rough first day back!  We sat in the holding pen from 7am until about 11pm. Finally got done about 2am this morning.  By that time,  it was too late to roll out, so we camped out until this morning  before heading to the delivery.  The shippers were WAY behind. Wonderful double standards trucking customers have.  This sign is not uncommon to see. Trucking customers clearly demand a trucker shows up on time without any excuses.  But…if they take forever to load or unload us, they feel it is within their right to do so. Because of the delay at our shipper yesterday,  it caused us to reschedule the delivery.  It also caused us to forfeit our next originally planned trip. Thankfully,  we have a replacement trip. Believe it or not, some customers charge $500.00 for being late! Oh well,  we will soon move past this trip.

The next trip will have the longest deadhead miles we have ever had to do to reach a shipper.  Don’t ask me why, I’m just the driver,  not the planner!