Waiting on the fields.

Afternoon.  Well we arrived in Yuma, Arizona yesterday and our appointment is set for 9pm tonight.  Lots of activity at this truckstop. Tons of trucks.  Not much to report on today. Oh yeah, I did pay the Utah scale house fine. It was $50.00. All the road reward donated money to help cover the fine…which […]

Monday puzzle? 

Howdy.  Just now got a new plan in place.  Here’s the rundown…  Remember in Ogden,  Utah, we went to the shipper to pick up our preloaded trailer. Yup, it was ready and waiting for us, but the empty trailer we were bringing in had problems that required us to run back up to Corinne, UT […]


Howdy. Let’s be honest here for a minute.  I am going through a rough time from several different directions all at once. My brain is about to break. I’m sure you guys have picked up on that from me being quiet on the blog and the live broadcasts. Just give me time and I will […]