End of 70?

Evening gang! We made our delivery earlier this afternoon. Originally,  it was scheduled to be delivered Friday morning but the bosses say they are short drivers so they moved it up a day. We had to hustle and drive some long days but we got it covered.  We are now waiting on our next preloaded […]

New trip 

Afternoon Road Crew.  We finally made our last delivery lastnight and got released about 130am Pacific time.  Now we are at a hole in the wall truckstop until we reload in the morning for the next trip. Lots of rain and gloominess here and not a good day to ride the segway or get the […]

Two Days Left!

Morning.  Afternoon.  Or whatever it is. Very long night lastnight.  The second delivery unloaded the entire truck then realized they weren’t supposed to get it all. They put some back on the trailer (since we still have another delivery drop). So, we pulled away from the docks and closed and sealed the doors. I just […]