Howdy gang! Hang in there, we are almost to Washington State!  As I write this, we just finished another 600+ mile day! We have just 265 miles to go before our delivery Wednesday morning.  Once done unloading,  we must go to the yard and get the 200,000 mile services accomplished.  We have been running very […]

History made!

Good morning!  Yesterday we went from Des Moines,  Iowa to Cheyenne,  Wyoming.  649 miles,  and still had 6 minutes left on our 11 hour clock! We also kept the stream going and the one time we stopped for our 30 minute break,  I jumped into chat and talked with the road crew. We arrived in […]

Goal is 600+

Good Sunday morning!  We continue our trek across America today and we are looking for 600+ miles today and our goal for tonight is Cheyenne,  Wyoming!  This trip is very tight but we are going to do everything we can to make it happen!  Long day coming up as we finish off Iowa,  run through […]

First day 

Good Saturday morning!  Yesterday was a long first day back to work.  I thought we were going to shutdown just south of Milwaukee yesterday and wait for the delivery appointment.  Instead,  they changed the ballgame and wanted me there asap and they would let me drop and hook! That worked out well and enabled us […]