Howdy!  We have been very busy lately but now have earned our four days off. I will be in  Ste Genevieve,  Missouri attending the Eclipse Festival there. I already have the camera lenses setup and the required NASA approved filers. I plan on doing a live broadcast from the site so you can check things […]


Morning!  Hope you enjoyed this morning’s live broadcast as we rolled through Chicago. The skyline looked nice and I’m sure you were able to identify the old Sears Tower and a few other landmarks.  It was a tight fit in here, just don’t ask me how to get out!  We are taking a few days […]

34 again 

Morning!  Well if you were watching the last live broadcast of us rolling the big rig into Nashville,  Tennessee,  you know we parked with about ten minutes left on our 70 hour clock. This makes the third week in a row that we had to shutdown and take a 34 hour restart.  We have now […]