Morning!  Yesterday we rolled Eastbound on US Highway 36 in Missouri on our way to our delivery in Mt Sterling,  Illinois.  Just before crossing the Mississippi River in Hannibal,  we stopped to meet up with Norbert and Norvin. They are longtime Road Crew members that have tried for years to meet. Yesterday,  it finally worked […]


Welcome to Percival,  Iowa for the night. We only have 1hr 45 minutes left on our 70 hours and that would barely be enough time to reach St Joseph,  Missouri.  Parking is scarce there so it makes sense to just stop here for the night and finish up and make delivery tomorrow.  Perfect weather around […]

Next trip! 

Afternoon.  We made our delivery this afternoon then made our way to our terminal in West Valley City to wait for another driver to bring in his load, drop it, then we take off with it tomorrow morning.  Beautiful day here in Utah!  I will post the next trip tonight.