Morning!  We arrived at our delivery about two hours early and they put us in a door.  About 15 minutes later they cut the seal and told me they are ready to unload us! Woohoo!  We haven’t been to this place in probably 5 years or more. Once we get done here,  we will deadhead […]


Howdy! It sure is dark as we sit in the dock while they try to drive their forklift through the front of the trailer! Sometimes the loaders are easy and gentle; others feel like they are just trying their best to destroy everything! It’s 5am – do you know where your favorite trucker is? It […]

Lake George Segway Ride

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Fremont, Indiana at the Pilot truckstop. Ok, not so much the truckstop exactly, but rather the great temperatures, sun, and my Segway ride around the Lake George area just down the street.¬† I put the segway through some nature trails at the Lake George Land Conservancy Park, but we […]

Flat tire

Morning!  We are waiting for our next trip. It could come in the next 5 minutes, hours, or even tomorrow.  It’s the weekend and a beautiful day out here on the Michigan and Indiana statelines. Well, the Segway has a flat tire! I know I take it over some pretty rough terrain,  but I noticed […]